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  1. Happy Birthday LFC! (Now, that's two birthday wishes from me!)
  2. Seeing as it's been a year, I felt it fitting to post here. I take some comfort in it. You were amazing Code_Ember wherever you are, remember you will be eternally missed. RIP Code_Ember
  3. So, guys, I'm leaving now, but I will be back, I'll make a thread for that as well, probably within minutes of making this one. So, peace out, guys, all my old sigs and avatars will still be displayed but I'll be working on new stuff. See You.
  4. Great tutorial as expected, flip, great work again! Yeah, so here's my result: That's my name, by the way. If you didn't already know. Thanks again for the tutorial.
  5. I agree with LJXD, you should definitely make a tutorial on that red grunge one. Love the gallery, flip. Love the smallpapers, especially the third one.
  6. So I see. They look good on you. Thanks for mentioning me in your sig. Feel free to use them in your gallery as long as you give me credit.
  7. Hope you had a good one, man! :AddNoise:
  8. Oh, Banana those are AMAZING! As you can see I love wearing them. I'm still working on yours.
  9. Superferd, I'm done. Thanks for mine, I'll work out the transparency on it. Hope you like these. Banana, I'll get working on yours soon.
  10. In relation to the first post in this topic. You make signature and avatar for me in return. I'm working on yours now. For all the rules, read the first post.
  11. I saw someone wanting to start this up again, so I decided to do it for them. I'll make a signature and avatar for the next person that posts.
  12. I don't think he'll particularly want to tell you after you insulted him like that, he's a great artist and if you think you're better prove it!
  13. Here it is. This is the first time I've entered a Paint.NET competition.
  14. Sorry to doublepost, but I need to know, are the avatar thumbnails showing up for anyone?
  15. Thanks a lot, guys, visit my gallery for the thumbnail update!
  16. Hi, I was wondering how I would go about making, first of all, thumbnails in my gallery. I upload to flickr by the way. Second of all, I was wondering how to make all the thumbnails the same size and how to align them side by side. Thanks a lot.
  17. Yeah, me too. Does anyone else think there should be a prize for the best entry? I'd be happy to judge if no-one else wants to.
  18. I think that's just because it's a low quality picture.
  19. Rant: Surely my tutorial, viewtopic.php?f=34&t=27708 , which uses plugins can't belong in the Newbie Playground? Can someone clarify?
  20. I hope this is what you mean: 1. Use the Rounded Rectangle Tool to draw the Rounded Rectangle (obviously) 2. Use Boltbait's Bevel Plugin 3. Use Outline Object 4. Then use Drop Shadow with a fairly high Blur Radius. Hope this solves your problem, this is quite brief but I hope this helps.
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