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S3D#2:Realistic eyes(EASY)+Slit pupil+

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thats it . the eye was the same darkness without the background

cheers C.W

The 1st thing I see is you will need to hold the shift key when using gradients to draw the eye, so all gradients are parallel.

And I don't understand what you mean by "same darkness without the background" ?

i said they eye is dark without the bg color.

i did press shift the doing the gradients but it did nothing at all to make a difference

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I've been having a great time with the tutorials here - thank you so much to everybody! My BF, who is a graphic designer (and has all the artistic talent in the house :lol: ), has been encouraging me to post some of the stuff I've done on these tuts. Here's my try on the eye...


Thanks again!

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okay so i played with this a little more.

This is just ones of those things, that it creeps people out! lol, i have fun doing that. Sorry!

Anyhow here is my new eyeball, and i changed the back ground a bit on it from the last one because i was told it was annoying.....lol.....I wouldn't call it annoying, little hard on the eyes maybe, maybe not really a good choice of back grounds. Anyhow here is the new eye ball, gonna go play with it some more and post on my DA page ( which i'm now addicted too. Thanks to both of my daughters! )



thank you Wither for the very long amount of help!

I for some reason was graphically Challenged!

And Pyro for the tut!

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