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  1. Nice tutorial dude Here's my try: :>
  2. I use to do pixel art with pokemon o-o Here are two of my 'pixel-over's:
  3. Cool tutorial. But, at step 7. it says "drop shadow" which is a plugin, if i recall correctly....
  4. @sabrown100: Your avatar is very cool i think. It looks really professional :O 8.7/10
  5. Mantine :> And Skarmory C: Er... these are some things i've done this week...
  6. The First one is Lamborghini Reventon i think, and the second one is Lamborghini Gallardo iirc :>
  7. er...actually, "Charalabos" is my real name but i made it "Xaralampos" because that's how you write it with greek letters :< . It is a common name in Greece D:
  8. @Milkybarkid: The second sig is really cool, good job! 8/10
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