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  1. nice, looks great *note* maybe make your tut pics a little bit smaller =)
  2. great tut, well organized, easy to follow, and very useful, good job man here is my version of naruto's eye when he goes into the fox's cloak
  3. Well, i was bored and decided i needed a new background, since i am playing and owning at warcraft i decided ill make a warcraft wallpaper, then since my favorite warcraft is warcraft III i decided to make a Warcraft III wallpaper, then since my favorite warcraft III is warcraft III frozen throne i decided to make a warcraft III frozen throne wallpaper, then i decided since i love the undead race so much, ill make an undead warcraft III Frozen Throne wallpaper, since the death knight is my favorite undead hero, i decided to make an undead deathknight warcraft III frozen throne wallpaper so here is my undead deathknight warcraft III Frozen Throne Wallpaper (its big so bare with me)
  4. Dude, this plugin ROCKS! Very nice, good job. i really love the advanced tab, good idea on that one too.
  5. lol good tut bolt, this can help people tying to learn plugins to actually be aple to make one. nice work
  6. ash your tut has only been on a few days and look how many views you have
  7. bgirl you can use it with anything you would like, put it in a sig, add it to a space pic to create a black hole, you can do whatever you want with it
  8. once again (and i think i say this too much) nice tut ash
  9. *Runs like heck* *Hears shots fired, uses SuperV as human shield* *Throws down human shield and continues running* *Remembers that ash only has slow motion bullets*
  10. that is some good input super, yea ash i think he is right, i dont see any fabric besides carbon fiber that can stop a bullet aye? lol
  11. i got a fan site dedicated to a good friends band, ill post a link to PDN there that way some people might notice you guys even more also as i was reading that article i noticed this Whether or not the program got Rich his job after college he called you Rich hehe. to add some humor to it. ahyhow Here is a link to my website showing your link to PDN
  12. crazy lag made my post go up 2 times, wierd, srry bout that guys
  13. well mate when you exploare this forum you will notice that all the tuts posted are this easy and help you learn a lot about paint.NET
  14. yea i remember when i was looking for alternatives and i found myself stumbling upon paint.NET and went hmmm. worth a try. I never went back to photoshop after PDN Edit: Hey bob i saw that broadcast its pretty sweet, except they dont mention how to get Paint.NET or the creator lol.
  15. ok, ill explain this: the magic wand tool is a tool that where when you click and area, it searches for things of similar color and selects them for you, now you use the magic wand tool and select your background, if it does not select all the background you want to hold down ctrl and click the parts it did not select for you. then to delete it when you have everything selected that you want to delete just press the delete button on your keyboard. also if you find magic wand selecting more than you want, then you will see right above the tools something called tollerance, tollerance is how tollerant to the shades of color you want the wand to be. less tollerance selects less shades of the same color, so if you were trying to select light blue from dark blue you would want a lower tollerance. more tollerance will select more types of that particular shade.
  16. Less pics, that is a lof of pics crammed into one sig, also maybe adding a kick butt background. also different text, that one is kind of hard to read.
  17. yea this may not be your question either but you may have white around that car that you are not aware of and when you flatten the layers the sold gets hidden behind that white, so if you want jpeg instead of .PNG you can try cropping out only the car. But, you could also sign up for something called photobucket, upload your images there, then copy the HTML code to your website.(Not the image code as that is for forums, the HTML Tag is for websites) Photobucket uploads and supports all types of pictrue files. Or, you could just use .PNG. i use this a lot most of the time.
  18. well frojo there is one thing i can do for you, if you want the same colors in some other effect here is what i did just clicking around in the curves
  19. also there is the old fashioned, use the paintbrush tool, but most of the time it can come out looking fake and lame
  20. pyro is right you can do that, and i would say yes,yes,doubt it, and no along with pyro
  21. I really dont know how i made this, i was just messing around with PDN going nuts on effects and curves and whatever else and came up with... then for my friends band i made them a flyer.
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