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  1. okay so i played with this a little more. This is just ones of those things, that it creeps people out! lol, i have fun doing that. Sorry! Anyhow here is my new eyeball, and i changed the back ground a bit on it from the last one because i was told it was annoying.....lol.....I wouldn't call it annoying, little hard on the eyes maybe, maybe not really a good choice of back grounds. Anyhow here is the new eye ball, gonna go play with it some more and post on my DA page ( which i'm now addicted too. Thanks to both of my daughters! )
  2. okay so here is mine, i didn't do the feather thing, i kinda like the sharpness of it! first try took me two days. Ash my eyes now hurt from reading all that small print! lol
  3. @SpiritScout Well how do you know i'm not watching you?!?! And how do you know i'm not just down right creepy.....Guess i like creepy and strange. Works for me. Glad my eyeball had the right effect! thanks for the rate!
  4. Okay so last night after Wither helped me out getting the siggy thing right, and getting the hang of the shadowing and letters and all that wonderful stuff.....lol thank you again Wither! I played around this morning, with a piece my mom did for me, Its called Nightwatch. It's a pair of Wolves eyes.It's a cross stitch piece. I'm so in love with it. Waited 15 yrs to get it! long story. Anyhow here is what i was able to do with the sig thing, and the picture of the eyes. what do ya'll think!?
  5. I loved this one after i finally got it to work! lol.... spent about a half hour trying to figure it out this morning around midnight. Nice job, my avatar is what i came up with.
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