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S3D#2:Realistic eyes(EASY)+Slit pupil+


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Thanx a lot Ash for the help, that also makes things a lot easier. There's only one more question though lol umm any possibility that you can post exactly which settings to change on Shape3D and by how much would be a good setting to change each each angle to? :? Thanx in advance Ash.

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I am really new at paint.net in fact at any photo editing/designing so I really appreciate the tuts on here. I wanted to see if I could put the split in the eye......and yay I did it, I made a sort of cats eye...still needs lots of work but I am pretty pleased with it


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i love your tutorial :D ,i'm new in all this so i would like to know is there a web for the 3D plugin where they would explain everything in it?i could do everything else on my own from now on except that.

Thanks :D

Welcome to the forums, there are quite a few tutorials using shape3d plugin.

On my googlepage you will find list and links to the ones I made.

Hope that helps.


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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