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Pitch Invasion!

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I have a picture of the crowd invading the football pitch after a famous win. My Grandson is there, and I want to keep him in colour, while making the rest of the crowd greyscale, like a Where's Wally? pic. Any ideas for me gratefully received




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On way, would be to use @Red ochre's two tone threshold.


1. Select your grandson first, and invert selection.

2. Pick a grey for your first color.

3. Use the threshold plugin.




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What I'd try is:

  • Duplicate the image layer.
  • Make the lower layer black and white.
  • In the upper layer, make a rough Lasso selection around your grandson. (That is, select your grandson and a bit more.)
  • Invert the selection, then Delete Selection. This will produce an isolated image of your grandson, surrounded by a small border of unwanted pixels.
  • Use the Eraser (probably with a somewhat soft setting) to carefully erase around your grandson's outline. You'll probably need to adjust the eraser size for different regions. (You may want to temporarily add a middle layer of a fixed color to make erasing up to the edge easier.) For this kind of thing, Undo is your friend! And with that in mind, erase a bit at a time, then let up on the mouse button. That way, if you need to Undo, you will only undo the mistake, not all the other work.
  • Adjust the Brightness/Contrast, etc. of each layer to achieve the best look.
  • Flatten the image.



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Edit: If this is what you are after, I can walk you through the steps, but be warned that it is a bit task intensive.




Heck, here's the video in how I did it.


Plug-in used for this:

Switch Alpha to Gray, part of BoltBait's plug-in pack

Alpha Mask

This website, remove.bg, is a huge time saver as well.



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This is often called the Pleasantville Effect. Find a tutorial HERE.


There is also a PLUGIN - although it works best on images where the subject can be selected by color.


Here's another simple method: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/113614-desaturation/?do=findComment&comment=552566


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Thank you all - which one to try! I will be having an attempt tonight. Thank you




Update: Well, with a combination of the above methods, I have managed to do it. Made more complicated with the fact he was surrounded by other people, but the result is good enough

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