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Red ochre

Two Tone Threshold (new 30th July 2014)

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Two Tone Threshold

Found under: Adjustments .dll name = TwoToneThreshold

Two Tone Threshold is an Adjustment which assesses the tones in an image and apportions two colours between the thresholds.
In other words it turns colour images into black & white!
... or set your Primary and Secondary colours to something more lurid!
... or Primary color and alpha etc etc.

It's in my updated plugin pack

Red ochre v10 plugin pack


As with all plugins - try it, if you like it, keep it - if not, uninstall it!
There are many other plugins with a similar function but I wanted one where I could easily adjust the contrast via two thresholds.


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Red, this is a fantastic adjustment I've just discovered almost by chance due to a question by another member! redsocks_01.gif... I'm surprised it hasn't attracted many comments scratch_one-s_head.gifBut anyway, here's a quickie I've liked a lot!!:



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Interesting use of the plugin Seerose.
Thanks for posting the image and showing the method. ;)

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