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  1. Yeah, some of his stuff are just mind-blowing. Wonder where and how he is doing these days. Oh, don't forget that glass refract.
  2. To be honest, I had no idea this was a thing until I tried to code something and inquired for help, but BoltBait had already developed it and released it. The whole time that plug-in was in my Effects folder and I was kicking myself for not knowing I had it. Live and and learn. No, I didn't curse you for that comment in the orb tutorial. To be honest, I didn't realize barbieq25 made a tutorial and I must have completely forgotten about it. Thank you. @dipstick deserves ton of credit for the link to the website and giving tips on how to workaround the size limitation.
  3. She did the whole thing. I just focused on the fretwork only.
  4. This video tutorial shows you how to use, a website that will remove foreground object from the background, and then how to import the file from the website for Paint.NET users! Credit goes to @dipstick for the link and giving me a tip on how to work around the size limitation for masking object in Paint.NET. In this video, I used this website,, which is a nice stock photo site, and have already picked a stock photo for this purpose. I utilize this website for nearly all of my photomanipulations and using is an awesome site to use. Plug-in used in this video: Alpha Mask Alpha to Gray
  5. Like I said, I have been an on- and off-again user of Blender for years, mainly for making those C4D-like abstract shapes that are or were popular. I can't remember where to find that, but I think if you press space bar and type in screencast, there has to be a check box that allows you to capture keystrokes. I find it highly useful when following along video tutorial. I have often desired to go full blown into Linux, but what held me back was I was in school (which I finally finished the week of 4th of July). However, I bought an iMac and was forced to purchase Parallel to run Windows for using softwares like National Instruments Multisim, Visual Studio, and a physics software. Now, I still use Parallel to run only PDN as I find it to be too easy to use and every time I try GIMP or Krita, I keep reverting back to PDN. I have flirted with the idea of purchasing Affinity, but since you shared the website, I found no justification in purchasing Affinity and decided to stick with PDN.
  6. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial show you a technique I used to create a fretwork in my latest Orb design. A fretwork, according to Internet search, is a pattern that is created by utilizing tools such as fretsaw, jigsaw, and if you have the money, laser cutter. It is used to create patterns in wood or metal, and in this case, it is part of the orb design. Plug-in required: @dpy Circle Text and Metallize, part of his plugin pack. @evanolds Mirror Over Line @BoltBait Bevel, part of his plugin pack. Note: If the font I am using isn't found on your system, try something else. The main thing is to find a font that will give you a metal feel. Without further ado... Step 1) Set background to black (or another color of your choice). Step 2) Set primary color to yellow-gold (Hex #7F6A00). Step 3) Go to Effects > Text Formations > Circle Text. Step 4) I am going to break down what you can do with this plugin. In the Text box, this is where you enter the letter(s) of your choice. Here, I will enter lower case 't' repeatedly. However, depending on the Font Size I choose, I may have to delete extra 't' to create a perfect circle of the text. The Font drop down list display all the fonts installed on your machine. Go through each one and pick the one you like most. Here, I picked a font called Century and set the Font Size to 88. My goal, so far within this plug-in, is to create a fretwork where this is no noticeable gap between the letters, so I repeated the 't' until it was almost overlapping with each other. You can take a step further. The finer adjustment creates an interesting shape. Play with it and see how it influence the shape. You can increase the radius, but if you do, add more letter until there are no gap in between. You can play with the angle of arc and angle of start. Your choice. I will go ahead and render the base of the fretwork. Step 5) Duplicate the base of the fretwork to a new layer. I will hide the first base layer and rename the duplicated layer as Bevel. Step 6) On the Bevel Layer, run Bevel (Effects > Objects > Bevel Object). The only change was I decreased Depth to 3, and left everything to its default value. Step 7) Here, we will turn this into an actual fretwork. First, use Mirror right half over left half (Effects > Mirror > Mirror right half over left half). Then, Mirror top half over bottom half (Effects > Mirror > Mirror top half over bottom half). Step 8 ) Run Metallize (Effects > Color > Metallize). I set Type to 1 and unticked Gray Scale. At this point, you are pretty much done. A possibility with this approach... In the example below, I used this letter pattern, vW, repeatedly, increased the radius. Then used the same steps as outlined above.
  7. @JulioCoolio I think I will give you some critique. I think a lot of effort went into the Desert Landscape, I think there is a need to make distinctions; for example, I was confused by the green, and I realized what you were trying to do. Basing my comment on watching many of Bob Ross' painting, he would probably tell you to make your foreground object's color slightly dark and the background objects slightly lighter to create depth, and I think once you nail that, you will definitely take off.
  8. @lynxster4 wow, wow, and wow! What an outstanding piece! When I saw the title, I was thinking, "Disney Flower? Huh?" And when I saw the image, I sheepishly realized you were referring to the skunk that Bambi mistakenly called Flower. I can hear Thumper laughing hysterically at me.
  9. You jest. Many of your pieces are outstanding, and this is just another feather in your cap. It has a professional feel to it and when I saw it, I immediately thought of Old Spice line due to the similarity in color scheme. Well done.
  10. Indeed, according to color psychology, blue invoke a sense of calmness. It is probably why most of my art work, including photo manipulation are either warm or cool, depending on what I am aiming for. When I use Gradient Mapping, I almost default to orange-to-purple scheme, and overlay it at the final stage because I like how it create an ethereal, fantasy feel to it. Metallize is basically Curves on steroid and very useful, for me at least, in making object appear metal. I would love to master your metal work technique you use in your artwork. Here's the thing, man. I have not watched one second of the World Cup, and in my unpopular opinion, it is vastly overrated. More and more, I am pulling away from professional sports as they come across as never-ending divas. With that said, there is something to be said about the USWNT winning its fourth Cup, and being the standard bearer for women around the world, and I believe I have read that Europe is now focusing their effort to bring professional women club up to par. Now, if the USMNT would get up to their European and Brazilian counterparts, then they won't be a laughing stock anymore. Unfortunately, the power-that-be successfully ran off Jurgen who was trying to rebuild the pipeline to the men national team to be on equal footing as say the Barclay League. I think the tides are shifting in favor of soccer (to use American parlay) because more parents are becoming concerned with concussion syndrome from repeated violent blows to the head in football (using American parlay again). I would not be surprised if the next decade see America reaching prominence to be on par with Europe and Brazil. Right now, in America, football is king, followed by baseball, basketball, and then hockey. Soccer is becoming more popular thanks to the success of Major League Soccer that is trading with football clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, etc. Thank you! Thank you!
  11. Nice tutorial. One tip I would offer is to include key strokes you are using. I believe that Blender allows you to enable that in screencast as it will capture and display every keyboard strokes (Shift + A to add object, middle mouse button click, etc). It also appear you are using Mint Linux.
  12. It has been several months since I have posted something new. First, for those who have commented on "The Call," I am surprised none of you saw a person that was standing inside the person. When I saw that stock, I knew where I wanted to go, and hence, "The Call." It was the person inside a cave issuing a call to the man with the glasses. @welshblue's Dragon Eye inspired me to go back to my root and I present an orb on page 1. I used @dpy Circle Text plugin to make the jewel pattern, mirror over line (left half over right half, and then top half over bottom half), and @dpy's Metallize (still one of my favorite plugins). The background was created by going crazy with two colors gradient set to difference mode (an adaption from one of Photoshop's million tutorials). Enjoy!
  13. I would look into Color Balance either by BoltBait or dpy. I'm not sure if you are using PDN 4.1.6, but the eraser set at 10% makes the edge softer than it would at 100%. My default setting for the eraser is at 0% so I can make the edge disappear when I can.
  14. Co-worker told me today that he got a part time job working for Samsung's store. He proudly said, "I guess you can say that I am the Guardian of the Galaxy."
  15. You will have to clarify what you mean by "unwanted material".
  16. @Maximilian I'll drink to that.
  17. Any chance you are saving your drawings in JPG format?
  18. Maybe this is what you need. Make sure you pay attention to these statements, "Do not make any changes to that layer apart from layer properties and editing the text with this plugin."
  19. As someone who has dabbled and made a few things in Blender, I am really curious how you did this.
  20. I honestly had no idea this was what it was for. In any case, I will consider my plugin idea unnecessary. Thanks, BoltBait. This thread can be closed.
  21. Hello, experienced coders: I am in need of your valuable assistance in developing a one-click plug-in. My purpose in writing this plug in for a simple reason so I'll describe what I do in my steps prior to photomanipulations: Convert image to fully white (this is usually done by using Curve). Create a new empty layer, drag it down below the image, and backfill it with black. Merge the layer. Copy the merged layer. So far what I have managed to acheive is have CodeLab run a simple script that convert all the RGB values to white. What I want to do now is tell CodeLab to backfill transparency with solid black, and this is where I need your assistance. The code is below.
  22. Now wait a minute here! If a horse whisperer told the horse his name was Jim, does it mean that the horse whisperer's name was Jim?