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Extract Color v1.0 (10/3/09)

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Extract Color

What does it do?:
It allows the user to change an image to grayscale, while keeping a certain color range in color. In other words, it automates this tutorial. :wink:

The UI:

(Sorry about the low quality .gif :( )

10/3/09 - Plugin uploaded.


Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
Added zipped *.dll
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Very nice, I like it

(Though I think Conditional Hue/Saturation can already produce something very similar to this)

Great job anyway :P

Thanks! I never really thought of using Conditional Hue/Saturation to do this, but oh well. :D
So you eventually fixed the gradient control problem?
Yep. Turns out all I needed to do was copy the code from the original gradient control into a new control class and remove the top color and bottom color code.
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  • 4 years later...

Zipped DLL attached to the first post.

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