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  1. @Daniels and Seerose; thank you very much! @Helen; Another snowstorm's coming through here. Spring can't come faster! @Barbie and Welsh; Thanks for the advice. It means a lot coming from y'all.
  2. I believe the font is called Ironwood. It's not a default on, but you can download it here.
  3. @welsh- Thanks so much It's a pleasure to be here. Though I feel that while variation can be a good thing, I lack a style. Since all my work looks so different (at least to my eye,) I feel like I need to find my niche so to speak. Maybe that comes with time? (And yes, I admit, I like pink...don't hate me too much.) @drydareelin- Nice to meet you! Ditto what I said about variation. BTW, I love your sig. @barbieq- Thanks for the suggestion! I'll be sure to try it out! @helen- Thank you for the encouragement! Ah...that banner. I think I'm secretly longing for spring. @pixey- It's nice to meet you! I saw your jewel entry as well; it's fabulous! (Your sig is adorable as well!) @sashwilko- Great to meet you; thank you so much for commenting! To all, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. (was that too many @'s?) Y'all are the best I'm hoping to add some new stuff very soon, but I will be slammed with schoolwork next week since we unexpectedly cancelled for a week. So if I disappear, I am most likely buried in textbooks. Thanks if you're still awake after reading this thing. -Rocky
  4. Space and Land Scapes Sigs and Logos Other Thanks for stopping by! C&C appreciated! -Rocky
  5. Welsh, I love it! The sky is fabulous; I love the colors you used. Very ominous indeed.
  6. @chimay- Thanks for the feedback! I feel like a texture in the background would ruin part of the springy feel of the sig. Like barbieq said, the flowers were supposed to look like tissue paper. If I were to do a ruffled tissue paper texture, the text would appear out of place. That's just my opinion. @barbieq- Haha, you're certainly right in saying that there's no pleasing everyone. To each his own
  7. rocky532

    Cliff Rock

    @barbieq; awesome texture! It reminds me of partially hardened lava; very creative!
  8. Good job to everyone who entered! Some beautiful entries to say the least! Ella, I love your glossy flowers; very impressive! @chimay, HELEN, welshblue, and barbieq: Thanks to all of you who commented! It means the world. Y'all are so kind! Chimay, I'm interested to hear any critiques you have on my entry. Good idea.
  9. I believe the "Grand" was written in Zapfino Extra One like xod said, and "A Adventure" was written in Wayfinding Sans Regular. Hope this helped somewhat.
  10. rocky532

    Cliff Rock

    Thanks, bbq Glad you like it!
  11. Have fun! Phantom's one of my favorites.
  12. rocky532

    Cliff Rock

    Awesome effect! I have never understood diffuse, so it's been useful Thanks, Welsh. My attempt reminds me of gold more than stone, but ah well.
  13. Nice job with the background on the second one. I like the idea of using the shiny squares