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  1. Peeps, @ardneh's entry complies with the rules of the comp. Personally, I thought it was clever & funny. Really? Anyone who has ever had kids will know the joys of finding expired food in unexpected places. Maybe that is why we know have CDs & not VCRs? On the subject of unpublished plugins...if you have the ability to write one cool. Not everyone can use the published plugins effectively - like me So no unfair advantage as far as I can see. That being said, if you really like a plugin that someone has created, why not ask them to publish it? Some plugins so have a limited use so maybe the author feels that publishing it is of no real benefit? Some really lovely pieces of toast here & not a single one is burnt
  2. Oh fabulous! If only people could have a restart. I'd be up for that!
  3. Ooooh! Happy birthday Pixey. May all you wishes come true on your special day
  4. So we think 2020 was bad. Personally, some awful things did go down. However, I can remember years too that were bad. Endless drought, fires, floods, illnesses that we were not sure of surviving. Globally we survived, challenged ourselves & grew. Changed, learnt new things, evolved. Left behind people & things that no longer served to build us up. Each year I have started the year with what I would like to see in the coming year. In thinking about this I have come too realise it has all come true one way or another. It depends on your attitude on how you view things. This year will be about attitude & gratitude. Attitude becomes a manifestation, good or bad. It can serve you or hinder you. Gratitude helps keep you focussed on what is good, to walk that little bit lighter & kinder on our Earth. The image is one I took on my phone, enhanced in PDN, of some of the beautiful things my son & I saw while on our beachcombing day. Focus on what you have...it is the moments that matter.
  5. I just love those eyebrows! I think you did a marvellous job. There are a lot of elements in this image, each one just so nice. Well done!
  6. Oooh how nice are these! Totally have to agree with @Red ochre! Those are my faves too. Love seeing your new works.
  7. Oooh what a lovely image. Lots of depth & the colours are rather soothing too.
  8. Another very useful tip that I learnt way back, was to put as much as you can on a separate layer, name layers (esp. initially) & keep a PDN file of your work as well as a flattened image file. Really great when you want to use a part of the image again later.
  9. The way I get crisper images is to increase the size by 400% So if my final image is to be 500 x 200 I make the original image 2000 x 800 & then when I am done I decrease to 25%. AA Assistant is great but when using 4x the size Gaussian Blur can also work for you.
  10. Oh good on you for making a gallery. You can also add your SOTW here if you want. The Merry Christmas one is so real that I am sure if I put my hand on a letter, it will leave my handprint on it. Lovely works!
  11. Congratulations @Ladybug & @lynxster4! Well done to @sashwilko & @Pixey! All were lovely entries & like @lynxster4sais, you are all to be commended for producing such fine artworks.
  12. Condolences on the loss of you grandfather. You image is a beautiful tribute to him. Yes, there is a lot of symbolism in your image. There is some white on the right-hand side which signifies healing. He will always be with you.
  13. Good show on the new pics! Love the colours you are using. Great ideas!
  14. Oh gosh what a feast for the eyes! Each one superb. I think the Owl, Impressionism & Queen of Spades would have to be my faves. Well done!
  15. Forgot to add the link to the silhouette: https://www.pngfind.com/mpng/ihwJJJi_deer-head-file-size-stag-head-silhouette-hd/
  16. @etayeplease understand that we all have lives aside from the program & the forum. We are volunteers with families & working lives. We know how frustrating it can be but someone maybe able to suggest a work-around for what you are trying to do. Some plugins no longer work with the newer version of Paint.NET. They have not been updated for a number of reasons: plugin writer is no longer part of the forum or does not have the time to update it, the plugin was not very popular or no longer serves the purpose as there are better ones available. Perhaps if you could tell us what you are trying to achieve, someone may be able to make suggestions for you. I delete plugins that are no longer supported just in case I use them & I get a crash. The other thing I do with most programs is to save & name the file almost as soon as I create it, then save every 5 mins or so, or when you have applied an effect & that way you don't lose too much work. I learnt this the very hard way.
  17. RIP Marty...both photos are my own.
  18. Glad to have you back @nitenurse79You've always been a much loved member of this forum. I know you will take it easy & keep mending.
  19. I thought I might add the original photos that I took of my plants so you can compare what has been done. @VagabondiLittle Mexico looks like a mountain of butterflies to me too @lynxster4 the cobwebs were made by my busy little workers @Pixeyif you look at the photo you can see the spines curve downwards & if you touch it with the flat of your finger, it is fine, but the other way & you are in a world of strife. Echeveria prolifica No ID on this one Tradescantia pallida - purple heart Thank you for the lovely comments, reps & encouragement. Always appreciated.
  20. Photo of the Argiope protensa (aka long tailed orb weaver) is my own from the garden. Native to New Guinea, Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand. A helper in the garden.
  21. @lynxster4I bought a crystal of amber calcite that looks like the Fire Sunflower. Thank you for your kind words & very happy that the give you a lift. I have 3 new wallpapers on page 1 but I might just add them here too. These a manips of my plant photos. Little Mexico Orange Prolifica Purple Heart
  22. Congratulations @Ego Eram Reputo! Well done @Ladybug& @Djisves! Lovely entries from everyone!
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