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  1. Thank you @Pixey, @Ladybug, @lynxster4& @Manc for your encouraging comments. I enjoyed the "time-out" in doing this one. I get totally immersed in the process & it helps me to chill. Must have still been in the chill mode when I posted it because I totally forgot to add the link to the lovely plugin. Thank you @lynxster4for pointing Ladybug in the right direction. I will use it again & of course rainbow colours are my fave, as are the hearts. So my passion (er addiction hubby calls it!) has been collecting crystals. I bought an orca agate & that was the inspiration for this piece called Orca. A very gentle stone & the colours that just soothe the soul.
  2. I think maybe the effect you are looking for is actually to do a clear gradient. Firstly, please resize your original image - 800 x 600 is the max allowed. You can use thumbnails. If you're not sure how to do it please just ask. This is what I did to your image. 1. Resized to 800 x 600. 2. Added a white layer & moved it down to the bottom. 3. On the truck layer, select gradient tool & set it to transparency mode. 4. Select the shape of the gradient. I tried radial but wasn't that happy with it, so I used the diamond shape. 5. If you start from the centre it might not be the look you are trying to achieve, where it is fading everything but the centre bit, so right click on the circular nub furthermost from the centre. If this is not the kind of look you wanted to achieve you will as others have said, give us an example or more information.
  3. Thanks to EER for his lovely plugin & those who posted their results who inspired me to make this one. I love hearts
  4. I was inspired by what I saw that others had done. Thank you for another lovely plugin to play with, EER!
  5. Hmmm, @Pixey you know maybe I did to just get one or two plugins. So does that kinda overwrite all others if I use the installer @BoltBait? I just didn't want too many installed to slow down the start-up. I have now told the installer to just install everything
  6. Music notes available from: https://www.transparentpng.com/download/live-music-calendar-photo_3767.html
  7. Hmm, the plugins that I use the most & have done for a very long time are gone. In particular Bevel Selection. Oh woe is me. I really don't know how that happened. Anyone else?
  8. It is a very lovely piece. Don't sell yourself short. We all have strengths in different areas & different styles too. Featherwind is beautiful & a very fitting name. Bravo!
  9. Congratulations to all! A great theme to play with and the entries were all fabulous. A very versatile plugin too.
  10. Ok, maybe I was living under a rock - happily I might add. I hadn't even heard of it until now. My care factor refuses to respond on this issue.
  11. It looks like you would need to put each image on a new layer. There are a few plugins that might help such as soften portrait & maybe a few others like feather. Probably you would need to do some alpha masking which is something I have never done successfully. Take a look at the photomanip tutorials, see if you can find anything in those that might be useful.
  12. Congratulations to all! So many outstanding entries.
  13. Well, today, Sunday 21 Feb, a day early, the vaccines are being rolled out. Front-line workers & those in aged care (residents) are the first to get the jab. Apparently our very own Prime Minister is going to get the jab today. There was a photo of the Queensland Premier getting a jab. Good one! Now I am not a doctor of any kind, or even in the medical profession, but damn, doesn't the cap have to be OFF the needle for it to work? I want to see it with my own eyes of him getting a jab. Not a photo, not a news clip because we know what can be done to manipulate photos & film. Even then, can I trust what is in the syringe. I told one of my lecturers that unlike him, I am not jaded & cynical. He said: Give it time, give it time. YUP! I gave it time & here we are.
  14. @ANONYMISS & @Djisvesif the two of you go back to the very first page you will see the discussion of the rules & how they came to be. If you don't like the rules, don't enter the competition. Nit-picking is not going to help you win the competition but shows mean-spiritedness.
  15. I have heard that the second one is the one that gives people hell. I'm getting splinters sitting on the fence here
  16. After my first flu shot, I got quite ill & my arm swelled a lot. It was awful. Second one was better & now I get hardly any reaction at all. People often call a simple (but rather awful) upper respiratory tract infection aka a cold, the flu. I don't think I have had the flu for a long time. Years. I have not been in hospital for it at least, so the vaccinations must be working. I'm not that keen on not having a flu shot to see if I get sick. I work as a disability support worker, providing essential personal care for people with a disability. I have diabetes & I am old. This qualifies me for the phase one roll-out of the vaccine here in Australia. Our country city has not had any cases of Covid-19. Aside from panic buying enough toilet paper to last a lifetime, people here generally did the right thing. I still see folk occasionally with masks on out shopping. My question for the doctor will be: If I have the shot & hubby doesn't (not same category as me), & if I get sick, will this give him Covid-19? In short, I don't have sufficient information to make an informed decision one way or the other.
  17. What a lovely outcome! Heart chains! Very clever. Now you can use the principles for other images too. Well done!
  18. OMG! You cheeky thing! Yes, disqualified Definitely repost in the comedy thread or your own gallery. Fancy putting anchovies in that list I think it would be fun to have a post about what people would put on their toast. I see there is cheese & carrots, a few with jam or marmalade, tomato but nobody put vegemite! I thought it was the mouldy old toast that was the issue. Now we can all play nicely again ⚽
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