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  1. Beautiful image @PixeyThe colours are so rich & warm. It really has a liquid amber feel & I could just pluck that pearl out of the image. Awesome!
  2. Congratulations @MJW! Awesome entry! Well done to @lynxster4 & @Manc. All lovely entries Thank you @Pixeyfor hosting.
  3. Never used before plugins: Helix by @Red ochre Spiral by @MadJik Fibonacci Fill by @Ego Eram Reputo Eliminate Dark/Light by @ReMake Cuboids by @Red ochre Hexagonal Grid Trail Blur by @MJW True Blur by @Ed Harvey Drop Shadow by @Kris Van Motten Many, many layers & blend modes, erasers.
  4. Oooh that is a lovely crystal! You've even mounted it on a wooden base with your name on it. It must be Lynxsterite Beautiful colours too.
  5. TR's Filaments by @TechnoRobbo Unfocus Surface Blur Grey Scale on Coloured Papre by @Kris Vandermotten in Adjustments TR's Fish Eye by @TechnoRobbo Again many layer blend modes.
  6. Facet by @Red ochre Bulge Many layer blend modes, Gaussian blur, Feather by @BoltBait AA's Assistant by @dpy.
  7. Nope, not working for me either. Nothing in the downloads folder. EDIT: I was using Chrome & it would not work no matter what. Changed to Microsoft Edge & yep, it worked. Saved the .zip to the desktop, extracted it & copied & pasted the .dll into the Program Files -> Paint.NET -> Effects folder. There you go. Another plugin for me to play with
  8. At least one has to be entirely new @Ladybug So for example, I might use Outlined/Gradient Text but I might also use ones that I have previously used such as Feather, Bevel Selection & Trail Blur. So then when I post up the entry I would say "Featuring: Outlined/Gradient Text plugin by BoltBait & xod" or something similar. You could also say which other ones you used (if any) but the one you have not used before should be named & the author(s) stated.
  9. Thank you @Ladybug. Yes, I do love contrasts. Soft petals, hard glass. Art therapy is wonderful. It has got me through some really tough times & I know others will feel the same. @Red ochrewhere would we be without plugins? Thank you for taking the time to write them. @Pixey, thank you I love red in art. My fave colours are purple, pink, blue but red in art just spins my wheels Latest image again using CalliColour is Take a Bow. It has been quite a while since I have incorporated a jewel into a piece. What a fabulous plugin. Also used was Shape 3D, lots of blurs, layer blend modes & opacity adjustments.
  10. So long as you can name them & the author(s) because I believe we should be recognising the valuable contribution the plugin writers make. Also by naming them, it may also encourage others to try them out. For example, the Calli Red & Take a Bow were created using CalliColor. It was not one that I had ever thought of using before but for me, it produced some great results & has encouraged me to look at other plugins that I have not thought of using before.
  11. Thank you all who voted & thank you to @lynxster4for awesome hosting duties. Congratulations to @Pixey& @DrewDale also. A lovely bunch of entries from everyone.
  12. Happy birthday @toe_head2001! Wishing you the very best!
  13. I love the orb one & definitely the one with the children is so lovely. I know what you mean about 3 different versions because each time the effect is just so cool that you can't just choose one.Special mention to the lovely wallpaper on the room too. A great room! Really loved looking at your new creations. Well done!
  14. Umm yeah, I had to go find it & when I get the author correct, it's easy to find. Your comments on the feeling the art makes me so happy. Yes, love the description of pushing the reset button. Keen to see what you do with it. I want to use it some more. Maybe tonight I will play after I finish tending to the 20 gazillion plants that I have
  15. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. May you all stay safe & hopefully the lockdown will be short.
  16. Oooh what a great job you did too! Isn't it a great series? Beautiful shading. Many hours & layers in that one. I love her necklace too. Well done!!
  17. @Pixey I hope the file attached for adding the clickable thumbnails to posts using ImageShack. If not I will send it in a message. We can save it so others can use it too.Adding Clickable Thumbnails from ImageShack into Forum Posts.pdf
  18. Thank you @lynxster4& @Pixey. At the moment I loathe my new job role. I am counting the weeks - 50 to go! When I need to rest my brain from whatever ails me, I use PDN. I can just zone out & push everything out of my mind. Much healthier & cheaper than booze or drugs. Or crystals for that matter! This one is Calli Red made using the CalliColour plugin, Hue adjustment, colour tint & a few blurs, layer blends too. The ball & highlights I made previously. Can't do that with a linen canvas I will send you the instructions on how to do the links in ImageShack. @toe_head2001sent me them a while back & I added the images. It is in Word but I will see how we can do this.
  19. Playing with @ReMake's plugins: I used Dragan Effect & Eliminate Dark/Light to edit the photos. To see the originals, please go to the link above. Brighter Days Ahead Pillow Talk
  20. Thank you ReMake. Downloaded & hope to have a play tonight. EDIT: I did have a play & so far my fave is the Dragan Effect on the plant images. Eliminate Dark/Light also worked well in the Brighter Days Ahead image. I have included the original underneath so you can see the difference. Thank you @ReMakefor these awesome plugins!
  21. What beautiful new images! Worth a look at the older ones too! Amazing textures & I see crystals too
  22. Hubby says I am addicted. Good on you for tumbling & polishing yourself. Blue tiger's eyes are just gorgeous. I don't know if you have ever held an orca agate but they feel wonderful & gentle but with great strength just the same. If you get a chance, hold one. Wouldn't it be grand if we could just pop over for a visit I could let you hold mine. I wonder if you will create something with your crystals? I am still working on another piece but not quite happy with it just yet.
  23. There are times when I create very little & other times I seem to be on a roll. Tonight I am on a roll. This was a photo I took of my clivia in flower. I played with Ink Sketch, layer blend modes, blurs, gradients etc. The text was part of something that I saw on FB today. It sums up how I feel. I guess it is a reflection of my working life at the moment. I work with some really great people but I know not are all like that. I'm sure most of you can relate.
  24. Oh wow! You got there in the end. A tutorial would be great. It might help others who need to make the same adjustments. Well done!
  25. Thank you @Ladybug. The orcas are not meant to live in captivity & certainly not for our entertainment. The older I get the more I appreciate this. Yes, it would be wonderful to see one of those animals in the flesh but not at that price to them. I hope to see what you can create with the Organigram plugin. It is a lot of fun. Object Bevel & Glass Blur featured heavily in the hearts image & True Blur in the Orca.
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