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  1. Wow! No Return is wonderful! You nailed it. Faultless & breath-taking! A tute for the glass? Yes, please!
  2. Hi @sunilmedapati3& @Jessebit. Welcome to the forum
  3. Congratulations Welshblue, Pixey & Bolt Bait. Thank you Pixey for your marvellous hosting & congratulations on your modship! Welcome Lynxster as competition host.
  4. Congratulations @Pixey& @toe_head2001 You guys have been doing an awesome job on the forums for ages. So good to have you on board officially.
  5. Ooooh a perfume bottle with a stopper! Fabulous work! Fabulous shape, colour & way you put the name on it & even the name. I looks a bit ethereal too, like you can look but you cannot afford me I've missed a couple of your lovely works, like Eternal. Smooth & that bauble on top, the frosty look! I just want to touch it.
  6. Spanners are my own stock created from Welshblue's excellent tutorial.
  7. A fantastic image Pixey. Very convincing 3D. The metallic frame is perfect for the glass. I can almost see the sands shifting. Well done!
  8. Congratulations @Pixey& @Seerose. It was a great theme & beautiful entries!
  9. @AramUEAwe understand frustration, believe me. Please be mindful that the program developer, the plugin authors, the forum administrators & the moderators as well as other very helpful forumers are volunteers. Please be respectful of the time they put into creating all of this for free. Honestly, 30 minutes is not that long to spend on creating an image but when you have something that you love you really don't want to lose it. It seems that maybe you are running out of memory. Without anything else running in the background, like music or youtube - AVG should be fine as I run that too. Try this: 1. Open a new canvas to the dimensions that you require. 2. Now, yes, right now, save it - .PDN is what you need to save it as. Are you able to provide a screenshot of the save window so we can see your configurations? Does it get stuck on there too? Let's see by the process of elimination what we can do to help you.
  10. Welcome @JennetWe are here to help We look forward to seeing your works & getting to know you.
  11. Echoing the thoughts of @Pixey & @welshblue. Hope it starts to ease soon.
  12. Photo is my cactus flower, taken by me.
  13. Dragonfruit flower, grown in my garden & photographed by me at night braving all manner of creepy crawly, possible spiders even, where in Australia everything tries to kill you It did produce a fruit & I can tell you that it was delicious.
  14. Congratulations to all who got placings. All very well deserved.
  15. Oh dear lynxster4. That is just so sad. Deepest sympathies & loads of hugs.
  16. Oh dear! We sure are glad you are not more seriously hurt. Hopefully you can rest up & take it easy. Speedy recovery.
  17. Very sorry for your loss Dryda. It is a beautiful tribute to your dad. You can see how proud he was of you at your graduation. He will always be a bright shining star watching over you.
  18. Happy birthday & my wish for you is to get well quickly
  19. Happy birthday to @BoltBait & @Ego Eram Reputo. I hope today & the rest of the year brings you both much joy & happiness.
  20. Close votes Congratulations @Pixey& @dipstick! Well done to @mottoman, @MadJik& @welshblue So many great entries!