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  1. Beautiful buildings. Such a lot to see & admire in all of them. Well done! Yes, to the folk affected by the recent awful weather, I can really sympathise. I wish everyone to be safe.
  2. @Pixey We do hope that everyone will stay safe. It is a terrifying storm headed your way. Our thoughts are with you.
  3. Beautiful glass of drink @lynxster4. The bottom part is particularly well done. Bet it's delicious too
  4. @Ego Eram Reputonope it should make you feel special
  5. Happy birthday @AndrewDavid Hope you have a fantastic day
  6. Thank you for that. I can remember yours & EERs
  7. Gosh you all - thank you! I had a fantastic day & in the evening hubby organised a 1966 Ford Mustang to drive us to the restaurant. Wonderful meal, a strawberry daiquiri & raspberry white chocolate turkish delight were on the menu too. On the older forums it was easier to see birthdays. Pretty sure it is Helen's soon too.
  8. I collect Murano glass & I'd buy yours too Lovely glass @Pixey
  9. Nothing wrong with re-using. I do it all the time. Van Gogh loved to paint sunflowers. Newest work Out There is such a mix of steampunk, grunge & sci-fi. A lot to see & admire. Well done!
  10. Lovely soap bubbles & the animation is way cool
  11. Congratulations to everyone. Mighty like looking apples
  12. Bravo Bravo Quebec sees you & likes it a lot!
  13. @TrevorOutlawtotally agree with @lynxster4! Fabbo.
  14. Would you believe the original was a photo accidentally taken of my car door? TG Angle & some fiddling... I have a touch screen, amusing when people touch it (I hate fingerprints on my screen & if you touch my laptop screen you will get a very sharp reprimand). The plant is called (Haworthia Limifolia) Fairies Washboard. I don't know if you have that one?
  15. Wow! What fantastic works with the texts & the planes. Now that sound system - package it & send it to me. You got my fave brand & all. Though hubby has bought us a Yamaha system. IMHO - you didn't need those brain cells. Wonderful new works!
  16. Aw @Pixeythat is cute! It is a very happy picture. I love the way you did her feet & her hair. Adorable!
  17. Congratulations to both @MadJik& @Pixey. Your entries were as @MJWsaid clever, amusing & well-executed. A close comp. Shame there wasn't more entries. My cousin was visiting from Germany so I spent every second I could with her.
  18. Double post - new images. The Woven Wormhole Sands of Time - WB tute for the text, many thanks The Mossy Ammonite - forgot to post before.
  19. Hi jayj & welcome. We look forward to seeing more from you.