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  1. I see manta rays! Way cool! Very nice colouring & shading on the jets too.
  2. Very nice! They remind me of sharks ready to strike
  3. Oh wow! How cool is this! Glassy, glossy & so colourful topped off with a heart. Well done!
  4. Oh gosh! How atmospheric & emotive is this! Fantastic use of tutes. This is what it is all about with tutes - helping people to be able to use plugins/effects to create wonderful new works like this one. Well done @LionsDragon
  5. Hello @joanna12kaisa Do a search on Wine. I know that someone here runs a Linux machine with Wine & Paint.NET but I am pretty sure Paint.NET doesn't support tablet/pen.
  6. Starbirth is very pretty. Looks like there will be a lot of stars born.
  7. Waterlily & sunflower how glassy & textured they are. They look like glass. Nice!
  8. @AndrewDavidawesome planes. I like the colour.
  9. Jewel tute is updated. I hope that it still makes sense.
  10. @Pixeyyep, we are working on restoring the images etc. on tutes. Thank you for your lovely comments on the images. I think that is the last of what is in the "thigs to finish" & now I can work on new stuff & restore the tutes.
  11. @LionsDragonI do like koi images. There is something intrinsically elegant (to steal your words) about koi fish. 2 new ones that I completed after them sitting for about a year in my "to finish" box. The outline for the ducks was made with Curly Lines. An experiment really & from that came My Lobster's in Love - Polar Inversion Plus. Mandarin Ducks My Lobster's in Love
  12. @BlastWavemay I borrow the DeLorean? I can have it back by yesterday Nice new works. It is good to see you experimenting & growing in work style. The one with the spaceships over head & the dude near the car is especially good. You put a lot of thought into the perspective in this one. The other works are also top notch.
  13. @LionsDragon& @Woodsythank you so much for your lovely comments. This one is a rework of a SOTW entry. I think the original was a black & white stock but I have long since lost the link.
  14. @LionsDragonthe heat does that. It is cooler today 19 deg & not loving it Thank you for your lovely comment. @Woodsythe weather is really silly last couple of years. @Red ochreit is making me happy to have time to spend on here & create art once again. Forgotten how to do some stuff! @PixeyI felt a lot calmer that day It has been a very stressful time just lately. @lynxster4thank you! Tiny Treasures is was commissioned as a Facebook Banner for a fellow succulent & cactus addict She is very happy with her banner. This one I did last year but had never got to post it.
  15. @LionsDragonPalmero does look a bit like a sea tunnel - creeeeepy! @Pixey glad to be back Palmero reminds me very much of Patty's work with Mandelbulb. So, still going through my old files, here is another one I finished. Winter Rose wallpaper because it is winter here now. Not that you'd know it with 24 deg C up to 29 some days! It was colder a month ago.
  16. Double post - adding new artworks. Now that I am mostly unemployed, I have time to do more artwork & to go back & finish some started pieces. These 2 are photomanipulations of photos of my succulent plants. These were started in February this year. Palmero Tiny Treasures
  17. Photo is mine of a Currawong that was outside my office window. Photo is mine of a Cormorant.
  18. @Woodsy, I'd never been that much of a Pink Floyd fan but I was listening to their music last night. Yes, it is a bit different. @MadJik, those shapes at the edges of your sig are just divine! Love bright colours too.
  19. @MadJikthank you for pointing that out. I have remedied the over-sized image.
  20. Thank you @Red ochrefor sharing! Wonderful outcomes @lynxster4& @Eli
  21. New artwork. The Endless Circle. Listening to Pink Floyd. Carefree
  22. Hi Firelight. Have you tried Layers>Rotate/Zoom? If the layer you want to resize is a different shape to the background it will not be possible. What works best for me is to put the new background on a new layer, select the image & then use the move tool to drag it to the size required. It allows me the ratios to be seen easily & more easily adjusted. If the ratios are equal but the image is smaller or larger, hold the SHIFT key down while you drag.
  23. Goonie, in Word you have the option in the Save dialog box - Save as file type. If you click on the dropdown box arrow, you will see the PDF there. Clicky & it will save the Word document as a PDF. Message me the ones of yours that are affected as I may have them saved as a Word doc & I can send them to you as a PDF. Can you make me a car I like fastbacks - esp. Mustangs circa 1970, please? Good on you for getting your head around Blender.
  24. Goonie, can you put them into a PDF? If they are showing up for you when you access the forum, you could do a copy & paste into Word (or equiv.) & save it as a PDF. PB got the boot from me years back. I used DArt for a bit but decided to pay for image shack as Imgur I found too clunky.