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  1. That first one is fabulous! Second one is getting moody again Lovely! Now we have both done a Visage image. All I hear now is Fade to Grey!
  2. The second one is a real stunner! Well done on all of them!
  3. Oooh, all the descriptions are very fitting! ⭐ Very nice!
  4. Yes, echoing the thoughts of Welshy, Pixey & Lynxster. I cried when my father died because there are no more opportunities for to answer for his behaviours. I cried because I didn't get to have the father I & my siblings deserved (my brothers got a slightly better deal but I don't hold that against them). I often see on FB how much people miss their dads. I wish I could miss mine. In saying that I cried, I cried for me, not him. I remember I did some artworks around that time. It helped me to come to grips with the fact that it will now always be what it was. I spoke to a work colleague who experienced a similar thing. We agreed that you can grieve for something you never had. I hope that helps you. How is your hubby doing?
  5. Happy birthday Rick. I hope it brings you everything you could wish for & more. 🎂
  6. Yeah the box goes red but on a default 800 x 600 I can get to 20 000. It will still go to that size even when red unless I got it wrong.
  7. Belated happy birthday! 🎂
  8. What great apples! Very convincing 3D.
  9. Agate's Heart is spectacular! So dynamic & the colour is very pleasing. Nice work!
  10. Yep, & so do I but that does mean I never forget to change layers etc. @HyReZcould be right about the updates required. I'm not that tech-savvy.
  11. Hi Ralf & welcome. Hmm, are you sure you have the correct layer selected? An object on its own layer? Or you have an active selection? It is very easy to accidentally have the wrong layer. I have frustrated myself with this many times too. Do any of the other plugins under "OBJECT" work? I hope we can sort this out for you.
  12. Which reminds me - new phone & no Snapchat or Whatsapp installed Cousins will think I am being rude. I just struggle with phones. Aren't they filters just so much fun Tammy Looking good!
  13. Congratulations all! What great images.
  14. Lovely work on your last 3. The Devil's Pulpit is just marvellous. Quite eerie yet serene. Well done on all!
  15. Sackable offence...astounded but then human error?
  16. Oh, these are lovely. The tigers are so textured! Well done ⭐
  17. @PixeyI do love Dave Allen. Funny as. Not in the least offended
  18. Aw, man, that really sux. It is hard everywhere. The rich keep getting richer. I hope you find something much better, both of you.
  19. Oh wow! How lovely he is! Wonderful idea Pixey & so metallic & shiny. Cute as!
  20. Very nicely done. Those colours are just awesome!
  21. What a fabulous watch! So shiny. Well done Pixey!