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  1. Great new works! Such movement & colour. Abstracts are rarely boring. I'm pleased to see you experimenting. Red Light is the stand out for me
  2. Oh wow! Sasha! Good to hear you are recovering now after such a long time. We can only hope Leanne is doing the same.
  3. Aw, thank you @Pixey& @Vagabondi! If I could remember the steps, I would tell you. Bush Baby is a photo of a plant of mine.
  4. I thought yours were very clever but we only got so many votes. I'm looking forward to your next entries.
  5. @onlyggifiwinglad you were able to work through the options & find a tool that met your specific needs.
  6. Congratulations to the winners all who entered! Special thanks for @lynxster4for hosting duties. All entries were creative & interesting.
  7. @lynxster4I'm glad they made you happy. In the Post was a bit cheeky because my boss was always asking me where something was & I would say that it was "In the post!" 4 new wallpapers finished tonight. Page 1. Also missed a couple of older ones. The monstera leaf was not mine but manipulated into an image.
  8. That is so super shiney! Well done!
  9. Sorry double post - new images added to my gallery. There are 4 wallpapers, one book cover for my postage book at work & 2 previous SOTW entries. I am working on some new ones but I also have some older works to update on here.
  10. Well, resistance is futile...much frustration but I have now managed to restore all my links to images on page 1. Now I can get to posting more images.
  11. No you're not You learnt something & you persisted. Good on you!
  12. Happy birthday to you both. Wishing you a fabulous, stress-free day
  13. Well done! A lot of work & thought gone into your creation. Maybe a video to show it in action? Awesome!
  14. I have not been able to replicate the issue. Anyone else? If it only does that with 2 programs, then it probably is not a PDN issue per se. If the area is to be blocked out by a solid colour, why not do a filled rectangle with no border. Have I missed the point entirely?
  15. That is rather interesting now things get translated. Well done @ReMake for asking the question & @MJW for the great response.
  16. Interesting effects! Well done and welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
  17. Nice outcome. Good beginners tute. Well done!
  18. On that dialog box that tells you that it could harm your computer is there an advance option? You should have an option there to run it anyway.
  19. I'd like 10 a day if that were possible, please?
  20. Yeah, exactly. Can you disable Norton while you download or do you have the option of downloading anyway?
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