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  1. Hm, the plugin only has to: mark first and second primary point (just store the coordinates) run plugin on active layer in a plugin window (like the Spirit Level Rotate) let the user mark the first and second secondary point while showing the stored points run to align active layer (matrices to move, zoom and rotate are easy to calculate) If I had any coding experience, I'd give it a shot. Sadly, I don't. But it actually it doesn't sound that complicated to me to be honest. The spirit layer rotation code is available if you need some background. Any ideas? Any
  2. Oh and by the way, there is a plugin for centering an object if you're in need of that:
  3. Thanks for commenting. Of course your approach works as well but imagine having lots of pictures to adjust - you won't do that every time. This version gets rid of all the numbers, which is why I find it neat. A little side note about your comment on the title. You're right but you can get from any picture to a version like above and add a border afterwards, for example with an easy batch program like IrfanView64, which I use reeeeally often because it has so much possibilities for batch processing. I've changed the title to make it clearer what I meant. This is about photograph
  4. Hey guys, I see that various similar questions have already be asked inside this forum. However, somehow I can't find the exact page that discusses this or the plugin I need for that matter. I'm searching a way to automatically align one layer to another - but with included rotation. Eyeballing with a half-transparent layer is almost impossible because changing the size doesn't preserve the rotation anchor. So if my rotation is correct and I zoom, my previously aligned point isn't anymore. It's really frustrating. A plugin should be possible or already exist, because basi
  5. Hi folks, As you all know, there is no possibility to center an object really quickly. Well, I just found a way to do it in 30 seconds. Prerequisite: the object background must be plain-colored, at least toward the edges on at least two adjoining edges. Say you have the following picture (addedd a border - the picture itself has a white background): Note: All edges are white. As you can see, the car isn't centered properly because of the shadows. Of course you could expand your canvas and eyeball it but that's not what we're here for. Ok, here's what
  6. Just a little wrap-up after some tests. Here's what I did: select area I want to be white with the Magic Wand Tool create new layer -> fill selected portion white (maybe make some previously unselected parts white too) duplicate layer mask 1 = Layer 1 (white selected): Gaussian Blur 5px mask 2 = Layer 2 (nothing selected): TRs EFX 100px on mask 1: delete "hard" Gaussian edges with eraser tool (radius ~ 200, hardness low) to show the faded portions where I want them to show Here's the result: Looks like the vehi
  7. Ok guys, sorry for posting AGAIN! I've finally found what I'm looking for: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/26479-trs-edge-fader-extreme-v-535-june-15th-2014/ Basically what I can now do: - select portion I want to be white with Magic Wand - create white mask on new layer - use TRs EFX on unselected mask layer with given radius (- wait for my shrivelled potato to compute the result) - combine layers Will play around with it further but here's a first (un-tweaked) result. Old: And new: I basically "just" wanted t
  8. Searched a bit inside the forums. Turns out I want something that is called a fade. Basically create a white mask around the object and blur it. Gaussian Blur works only to a certain degree - I need the radius to be much bigger... Sorry for spamming this but I'm trying to learn here. 😕
  9. Here's another edit, that reflects my plan better I think. I need the red portion to be feathered. It's a combination of different shades in the original picture. Come to think of it, I need a way to feather with a TOLERANCE. So basically: "select the portion I want to be white (probably multiple steps with the magic wand) -> inverse -> feather with tolerance towards primary or secondary color. Is there a plugin that can do that?
  10. Ok so this is the picture with the center selected and a white layer where I removed the center. I want the edge you see feathered but into the white portion. Now here's the selection feathered: Well, 10px is not what I'm after but more like 100px. How can this be done automatically?
  11. Well, not exactly what was suggested. Basically I want to fade to white starting at a certain amount of black. Meaning: I want to select the center object with the Magic Wand and get everything else white. But with very smooth edges.
  12. Hi guys, somehow I lack the skill to do do an edit according to my plans. I want to do something like an "inverse" feather. What I mean by this is feathering a selection outwards. first of all here's the picture: I want to "fade" the object in the middle to white. I have the BoltBait plugins installed. Here's what I tried: - select the background -> "Selection -> Feather" -> hard edges around object/shadows - select background, invert -> "Selection -> Feather" -> object outline gets feathered/deleted How can I achieve the effect I n
  13. Hello there! I've searched this forum in hope for an answer to my question but, alas, to no avail. Here's what I want to do: I want to automatically align two layers on top of each other. Let's say I have two pictures. Each picture has a photography in the background and some text in the foreground. I now want to maximize the parts of the picture that aren't blocked by text. The two pictures don't have the same size and additionally, the aspect ratio of both photographies is slightly off. So to align both pictures (e.g. in two layers on top of each other), one of the images would need to be
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