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  1. Yes, the date threw me too. Mother's Day is Sunday 13 May 2018 here in Australia.


    What a great mum! Your artwork is truly frameworthy :D I have framed some of mine & given them to my mum & step-mum. Others I have used for cards or book covers. Hopefully you will use more of your awesome art for making the world that much prettier.

    I'd love to see the finished room. 


    @lynxster4the Pearls & Roses is just awesome! I'd hang those up too!

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  2. Realistic images I have never been fond of creating. Therefore I don't enter but support others by voting.


    OOTF rules - being realistic images - is very hard for most people. As for trace & colour comments, this is probably exactly why there are so few entries. I have seen the PDN file Pixey was working on. Technically challenging is an understatement. Those that have managed to create something realistic, are to be applauded.  

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  3. I've heard this before...there is a reason Pixey was voted Queen of Paint.NET. Pixey's work really is that good. I've seen very few artists who can create a realistic image without a reference image. Have you seen the amount of layers that she used? My guess is that some had even been merged. 


    The way Pixey has worked is very valid & I work that way too sometimes. It is a fabulous shoe & image. I enjoyed looking at the different layers & marvelled at her skill. Well done Pixey!



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  4. As always you've captured the emotion so well. There is a lot going on in the image. Very nice work with the cobwebs on the text. The butterfly is a bit jaggy on the edges which is fairly appropriate for fibromyalgia unfortunately. Well done with the textures & the colour - gotta love that!


    Very sorry to hear that it's been giving you such grief. I sure hope it lets up soon. 


    You do the space scenes very well. Love to see more from you.

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