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  1. Thanks. Looks like I don't have a Windows account. I normally use apple. I only use Windows for Paint.net. No idea how I create a Windows account ( I'm 89, so these things aren't easy}. I'll try googling for info.
  2. I have been using Paint.net for many years now, and am attempting to purchase the latest build or update from Microsoft, but am being asked for a pin number which I don't ever recall having. Where do I find settings in order to sort this out? I've spent ages on this without success. Any help welcome. TIA.
  3. Sorry about the delay in replying, but I recently lost my wife of 55 years to cancer, and things are just getting back to normal. Anyway, it seems that Facebook regarded the post as advertising Paint. net so I must be more careful in future. I tried to purchase PDN, by the way, but there was a glitch of some sort, so I shall try again tonight. Thanks for the input.
  4. In October this year, I mentioned Paint.net on Facebook forum and, yesterday, l received a warning from Facebook. Can someone explain to me, why what I said in the post amounts to a cyber-security risk? I have a screen-shot of the warning, but can't figure out how to post it on here.
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