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  1. I've had this situation a few times. Its very difficult for me to keep track of plugins that don't have their own thread. Your best bet is to urge Trevor to release the plugin.
  2. Use the Rectangle Select tool to select one half of the image them hit M on your keyboard to activate the Move tool . Only the selected region will be moved.
  3. March Update Nil - not much of an update is it?
  4. Hello Steffan - welcome to the forum Not having Auto-Detect checked in the PNG Save dialog is the usual cause of loss of transparency.
  5. ^^ User wants a solution HyReZ - that's why they are posting here. @KetchupKid - try this, it has six control points
  6. Get a new phone....its obviously broken.😝 Damn it toe_head2001 - I spent MINUTES working on that theme! 😮 Actually, it looks nice. What's up with the ongoing cost...$3 per six months? And if you don't renew? Darkness Theme Lite 1.4.1 $8.00 · Renewal Term: $3.00 per 6 months
  7. TileWorld. Make one X then tile it using the mouse. Full support for transparent tiles.
  8. I've given the alternative forum theme Goodnight Nurse a bit of an overhaul. It looks much more cohesive and color-consistent. If you find any glaring problems please let me know.
  9. Surface Blur may do the trick:
  10. Have a look at the effects in this plugin pack:
  11. Bravo! An excellent tutorial. Thank you Woodsy! I've added a Zip file of the XML settings to the tutorial. This file contains the initial Shape 3D settings. If you wish to use this file, download it and unzip it to somewhere you can find it again (like your desktop). When Shape 3D is first run, use XML > LOAD (at the foot of the Shape3D dialog) to open the unzipped file. The second and third uses of Shape3D are minor variations of these settings.
  12. That looks like outlining to me. There are at least a couple of plugins which will do that easily. I'd start by downloading and installing @BoltBait's Plugin Pack. Once installed you'll find BB's Outline plugin in the Effects > Object menu. The trick with all plugins in the Object menu, is that they need the image element to be on its own transparent layer. In your case, put the text on its own layer then run the Outline plugin on the entrie layer. Let us know if you need any more info.
  13. Welcome @Ayntrx! Unfortunately your link appears to be broken. Can you repost it?
  14. Quick - click this link
  15. 😄 Welcome to the forum Jeff. You're gonna fit right in here!
  16. I checked out A Star Is Born last night. I'd give it 5/10. Bradley Cooper's character Jackson Maine was unintelligible most of the time. Maybe that was why I didn't warm to him. After this performance I can't quite believe he voices Rocket Raccoon in GOTG. The word that did come through his mumbling clearly was the F word. It was used so often it lost any kind of shock value and became VERY tedious. Lady Gaga was good. She blasted out one song which gave me goosebumps but the rest were bland. With the exception of Sam Elliott the rest of the cast were largely anonymous. It was overlong at 130 minutes. By the end we didn't care about either of the leads and just wanted it to finish.
  17. I'm not sure if I saw this here or not...
  18. Hey there Pompey - welcome to the forum Upload an image (so long as they are family friendly) and post the URL here. One of the clever people on this forum may be able to suggest something.
  19. Hi tabzjordan - Welcome to the forum Most print houses or online services have a recommended image size. If you can't find that - go large. Very large. A T-shirt might have an image 10 inches square. At 300DPI (a good-quality print resolution) this equates to an image 3000 pixels square. If your image is much smaller - toss it and recreate the image on a MUCH larger canvas.
  20. The pencil and paintbrush tools always take their color from the Primary or Secondary color slot (depending if you're using the left or right mouse button). There is no way to automatically vary the color while either tool is in use. Wouldn't you be better using another tool (like Gradient)?
  21. Plugins can't alter or create selections. So what you're going to have to do is...
  22. Try installing the .NET Framework Once that is finished, try installing Paint.NET again.