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  1. I get the feeling people are avoiding me....
  2. June Update Just the one plugin this month. @toe_head2001 has given us a new version of the OptiPNG filetype plugin. OptiPNG toe_head2001 Updated version of OptiPNG. The plugin compresses the files when saving PNG images. Supports added for UI themes & image resolution is retained. Bundled OptiPNG executable is v0.7.7. Place both OptiPngFileType.dll and optipng.exe in the FileTypes directory. Source available.
  3. As Rick said, both your example have associated shortcuts. Find a full list here:
  4. File > New aka "start a new project"
  5. Recolor tool to the rescue! 1. Set Primary color to the color you want to end up with. 2. Use color picker tool + right click your image to select the color you want to replace. This color will be installed as the Secondary color (which is why you used the right mouse button). 3. In the Toolbar, set the sampling mode to Sampling Secondary Color 3. Wind the brush width up to something large, so it won't take forever to cover your image. 4. Wind the tolerance down to around 20%. 5. Cover the image in sweeping movements of the mouse with the left button held down.
  6. 😁 (who knew forum emoji respond to size changes?)
  7. 1.5 Restart (otherwise the plugin won't show up in the Effects > Artistic menu)
  8. For those wondering......
  9. Sometimes the forum messes with the filenames. Right click on the File > Rename. Type in any new name and add the extension .zip (dot then "zip").
  10. I don't know if this is relevant, but try unzipping the file before you attempt installing.
  11. Think of jpgs as the end product. Useful for display by not great for editing. Yes you will continue to lose quality each time you edit and resave a jpeg. For this reason you're better to do your editing on a lossless version of your image.
  12. Plugin Index is closing in on 2 million hits, far eclipsing any other thread on the forum. Metric enough?
  13. It has always filled the borders of an enlarged canvas with the secondary color. 😉 Correction: the background layer is filled with the Secondary color. Other layers are filled with transparency.
  14. Bwahhahaha. That's THE most daft post I've seen on this forum in a long time. 😵 Hahahahaha..... Honestly, that's gold that is! Have you considered comedy as a career?
  15. That's how the clone stamp tool works. The two are locked together and move together. Here's the relevant text from the documentation: REF:\ If you're trying to copy the same source region to a number of destinations, try using copy/paste or the paint brush (for solid colors).
  16. Make a selection with one of the Selection Tools then hit Ctrl + Shift + X (also found under the Image menu)
  17. I really liked Gregorian Chant - the covers, not so much.
  18. Personally, I wouldn't believe anything I say! 😁
  19. Initially I totally misread those images! I figured the rainbow was dropping onto the hillside & couldn't figure out why the profile of the skyline was being altered. Doh!
  20. Thanks ReMake. I'll fix this for the next release.