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  1. Please post in English @montagne6440. We will accept Google Translate, like this: The way to do this is to create an A4 template and save it to your desktop. Instructions can be found here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/24853-how-do-you-stop-paintnet-from-creating-a-new-canvas-upon-program-execution/?do=findComment&comment=376215
  2. Let's everybody just breathe. Breathe, and remember you're among friends. Discuss yes. Argue no.
  3. We've currently got these options I'll investigate to see if Bash can be (reasonably) easily added.
  4. The font is Enchanted Land available on Dafont. If you download and install the font it would be faster to remake the text in a new image. Colors used: 39161C and E2AC54 Steps: Make the background layer white. Add a new layer Write out the text to the new, blank layer in Enchanted Font with color E2AC54 as the Primary color Set 39161C as the Primary color & run one of the Outline plugins on the text layer to give it a thin dark brown outline. Run the Drop Shadow plugin on the text layer: Settings 0, 4, 0, 0, 255. This will
  5. Have you tried the magic wand with the Shift key held down? The Shift key toggles Global selection. Once you've made a selection using the Shift key, fine tune it using the Tolerance setting to include or exclude pixels.
  6. How did you perform this copy & paste operation? Please give us step-by-steps so we can try and reproduce it.
  7. I'm always happy to improve on what I've written. At the moment Tiled Form uses these words: "Create tiled shapes into the canvas. The colors are calculated by weighted average. Source code available. Note non-standard installation due to the requisite supporting GmicSharpNative files." Feel free to make changes. I've never tried to quantify the way I write these things up. If I were to do so, I'd say something like "limit yourself to five or six concise sentences".
  8. That's great news! I should have welcomed you to the forum too...so welcome
  9. New version v1.03 Increased maximum number of bubbles to 100 (was 50). As requested here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/117921-text-on-circle/?do=findComment&comment=581712 Also decreased the mimimum size (from 20px down to 10px). Get it here for testing purposes. I'll put it in my plugin pack in a few days time. It is now available in my Plugin Pack.
  10. Possibly the image is just zoomed in, or the imported image is of lower resolution than the one you're importing it onto. PDN is not going to mess with the resolution or deliberatly pixelate the image. Post a screenshot of the problem, and we'll help diagnose the issue (so long as the images are family friendly). Showing us the status bar too so we can see the settings there.
  11. That's the function of the Recolor Tool. You should look set sampling option in the toolbar to Sampling Secondary Color Mini tutorial here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/114294-recolor-tool/?do=findComment&comment=558362 For this option, use the Right mouse button.
  12. That shouldn't be a problem. Give me a day or two.....
  13. The orientation of the letters is important to @Welsh Yellow Cheddar. Circle Text renders letters as if they are written from the center - different from the example image.
  14. What tool do you currently have selected? Are all tools affected? Can you post a screenshot of how it looks now?
  15. I'll place this blank palette here in case someone else is looking it. All 96 color slots are filled with transparent black. Download >> Transparent Black Palette Discussed over here:
  16. A poor opening IMO, because if she ever moves c3-c4 pawn the b2 pawn will roll onto c3 and she'll have doubled pawns on the c-file. What is the cat thinking??
  17. There is a clickable link just above Red Ochre's signature image.
  18. Please confirm you're pasting into a new layer or is it into a new image?
  19. Are you running multiple monitors, monitor management software, or a setup which use different DPI settings on your monitors? I'm asking these questions because there may be a DPI or scaling issue there somewhere.
  20. Number of installed plugins? Is a cold boot + start PDN slower than a restart of PDN?
  21. Welcome to the forum Call Me. First, I'm going to rename this thread, because "I need help" does not describe the issue you're having. Second, I'm going to move the thread to the troubleshooting section. Third (an this is the bit you're interested in....) Sounds like your system is in need of a checkup. Either your anti-virus software is blocking access, or the directory really is corrupted. Try these tips for running CHKDSK and SFC to further diagnose the issue....
  22. Create yourself an A4 template at different print densities. SAve it with the size and density in the filename. Once done, you can load a template to have the preset size as the default canvas.
  23. Why not? It's a rare occurrance. You might almost say its a one-off request (as in - I've never seen this asked for before). As such, there is little benefit in the Dev spending time on it, especially when the workaround is so easy..... Blank2.txt
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