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  1. I'm going to recommend @ReMake is given the forum title Necromancer 😁
  2. ^^ Ace. I enjoyed that! More really old school...
  3. Hey @SlamJammington Welcome to the forum Have a look at this plugin. It has some very nice effects of that type. If you need help installing plugins, look here:
  4. PRO TIP: omitting this ^ step is possible in many cases as Ctrl + Shift + C defaults to the entire canvas if no selection is active. So if you have no selection active go ahead with Copy Merged (Ctrl+Shift+C) followed by Copy into New Image (Ctrl+Alt+V). Wow! Two keys saved! 😁
  5. I keep seeing these... I keep thinking this....
  6. August Update One new plugin this month, and it's pretty darn cool. Enjoy 😎 Image Distortion xod Distort an image using a range of different patterns. Requires OptionBasedLibrary (supplied) be installed
  7. Hey Red! Wish you a very happy birthday my friend
  8. This isn't what we're looking for in a tutorial. Please read these guidelines : Especially 7a and 12. Forum rule #29 also applies.
  9. As Welshy has said - you want to use Radial Gradient . Once you activate the Gradient tool, find the Radial option in the Tool Bar.... REF:
  10. Wait for it.....wait for it....
  11. So long as the files are not objectionable - would it be possible to upload an original file and a saved version of the same thing?
  12. ^ that doesn't actually help because antar29 is asking for a feature that doesn't exist yet. The request is to add the current palette name to the dialog.
  13. Haley has a voice like silk..... posted for a friend of mine.
  14. I checked this list - no matches there either. I suspect this is a proprietary format Konami has developed and stuck the DDS extension on.
  15. Links. They were probably hosted on Photobucket or something else that lost 'em. I'll repost the above images just to prove we still think your art is awesome 😊
  16. Woodsy has answered this for me. Nothing is infallible, however the forum has an excellent record. Partly because we know most of the authors so well. If you are in any way unsure - please do continue to run your normal security checks on stuff you download from the forum.
  17. Agreed. I just checked it against my dragon and it looks perfect! 🤣
  18. ^ That refers to an illegally bundled plugin pack. You're pretty safe downloading from this forum as the authors are careful and well known.
  19. Glad you got it sorted You can carry on making fiends!
  20. Here's a litle tut on the Conditional Hue & Saturation plugin. With it you may not even have to select any rhombuses
  21. The trick is to resize using a multiple of two. I.e. work on a canvas that is 2x, 4x or 8x the final size. The other thing I think is important is to not go overboard with the sizing up the canvas. A 16x16px icon might not look great when you resize a 256x256px source canvas down to 1/16th of that size. Better, I think, to use something more modest like 64x64px and resize by 1/4
  22. Top effort Welshy! If this were mine (and I'd maim to be as good as Welshy), I'd enlarge the text and have it overlay the shield just a bit. Then add a touch of drop shadow where the shield is beneath the text.