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  1. Hey @kratom the tree - welcome to the forum To find this plugin, look in the Effects > Stylize submenu.
  2. Paint.net can open ora files too https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/20984-openraster-filetype/
  3. Right-clicking sets the Secondary color. REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ColorPicker.html Activate the color picker and right click on your image to install the shade as the Secondary color. No need to use the Primary/Secondary selector or the color swatch. You don't need to have the color picker tool active when you select a shade from the color swatch. And vice versa. Re-reading you post, you might also find the Keyboard shortcut C useful. It switches between the Primary and Secondary color slots. REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest
  4. Our thoughts are with you @nitenurse79. Right now there are virtual hugs flying your way from all over the world. If I were so inclined I'd pray for you (I hope many do)! 🤗
  5. Have you tried Adjustments > Auto Level? REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/AdjustmentsMenu.html#4
  6. I'll see if I have a copy archived. Check back in about six hours.
  7. Plugin Guidelines Plugins can do many things, especially given the creativity of some of our authors here However, there are some things that plugins should not do. For some of these rules, if you break them then you are simply not guaranteed that your plugin will work in any future version of Paint.NET. For others, your plugin may be removed from the forum if you break the rule. Just because something is possible does not mean it is okay. This list may be amended in the future as we find and/or document other best practices, guidelines, a
  8. Building on @Pixey's answer, AA's Assistant rounds off edges when your object (collection of pixels) is surrounded by transparency. In practical terms, place your image element on a transparent layer then run the plugin.
  9. Hiya @Marlboro Kid. Wecome to the forum Open the Plugin Index (link in my signature). Type in the Search Term psd Click on the plugin link which appears and follow the instructions given.
  10. I've not seen this issue before, so I downloaded & scanned it with Windows Defender. Zero threats found. Its great that you're being cautious, but this download appears fine.
  11. It is not an acceptable plugin. This is because it violates several of the paint.net plugin principles. You are free to use it yourself, but we don't want it published here.
  12. Welcome to the forum @IllusionNinja As @Reptillian has pointed out, this feature is included in the list of popular feature requests. As it has been noted there, I'll close this thread
  13. Today's update to this tut is to add a note about licensing. I'm formally releasing this tut under the CC-BY-SA license. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. What does this mean? You may share and adapt the tut provided to provide attribution to me as the original author. You must also add the same license if you publish your remix.
  14. Use multiple selections using the rectangle select tool as @Pixey suggested. Align one edge of the selection to the edge of the pig (use the move selection tool ) then press delete to remove that part of the background.
  15. ^^ Great advice. Also note that some images on the internet "fake" the checkerboard effect to indicate transparency (it would be invisible otherwise). If you paste into a new layer and the checkerboard still shows up you have one of these scenarios. The usual solution is to formally download the image and not cut & paste the image preview.
  16. Happy Birthday pyrochild!! 🍰 (and because no-one has used it yet.....) 🧦
  17. I'm having a go at it too. I can see why Ozzy Osborne spend so much time with crayons! 😁
  18. What you are requesting cannot be automated with paint.net. Specifically, Effect plugins can only 'see' the active layer & clipboard. Nor can a plugin create new layers. If you want each stroke on a new layer, you're going to have to create a new layer each time (Ctrl + Shift + N). There is a filetype plugin which will save layers to individual files though. Have a look I the Plugin Index - there's a link in my signature.
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