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  1. Hi @RobLewis welcome to the forum Magic wand the background. You may need to hold down the Shift key to include non-contiguous regions. You might also need to find tune the Tolerance to make sure you don't also select similarly colored parts of the foreground objects. Press Delete on your keyboard. Save As.... a *.PNG with the filename of your choice.
  2. That is an illegal plugin pack. It contains viruses. See this thread: Megalo = Virus Download the only legitimate version of BoltBait's plugin pack from this thread. You'll find a download link in the first post.
  3. New Zealand is experiencing a little setback with a handful of community cases. Lockdowns are in place for the next few days. Level 2 for all of the country except Auckland city (level 3).
  4. Appreciate your reply, but this topic is almost two years old. I think the OP has a solution by now. If you wish to restart the conversation, please start a new thread.
  5. That's right. There are no shortcuts currently assigned to these.
  6. Hello & welcome. This is a very old topic @Protopia. Please start a new thread if you wish to restart the conversation.
  7. There is an exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts here https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/KeyboardMouseCommands.html
  8. Sounds like you have two versions of paint.net installed, Store and Classic. I have a similar setup which I use - one version has a great many plugins and the other has a minimal number of "essential" plugins. Try copying the contents of the Paint.net App Files/Effects folder to your C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects folder. That should ensure both are using the same set of plugins.
  9. Welcome to the forum @john01 I'm betting the plugin was Smooth Noise. It has options to control both the width and height of the noise 'cells'. Auto Chrome Noise has a size control which affects the width of the 'grains'. My other thought was Local Noise.
  10. There is no command for "rotate by x" so there will not be a shortcut. Best you can do is Ctrl + Shift + Z The workaround was posted because your request is not going to happen. Make do with the tools you have instead of demanding a custom solution. Yes it is. You have no idea. You consider this useful, the lack of others asking for it indicates no one else thinks so.
  11. Both the suggested shortcuts are already in use... Start Cap style , (comma key) Line style . (period key) Check out this work-around to fine-tune your rotations:
  12. There are three text rendering modes. These are available in the Tool Bar when the Text tool is active. Have you tried those? REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/TextTool.html#6
  13. Thanks to @SodiumEnglish we have resolved the issues with the PDF version of the Plugin Index. A new version has been uploaded.
  14. DTP (Desktop Publishing)? I create images for DTP in paint.net, but lay them out using Scribus.
  15. @Manc and @ANONYMISS - Stop now. Really. Just stop.
  16. Discord? That's probably your problem right there. See this post...
  17. Got it (I had to create an account). Get the guide here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/757ifzchq1mzdsp/the normal tools users guide.pdf?dl=0 I'll also post the link in the Normal Tools thread.
  18. I know it sounds pedantic, but did you do a cold reboot or a warm restart? I'd recommend you try a cold reboot then run the repair tool again.
  19. All plugins for paint.net can be found via the Plugin Index. Try searching the Index with the keywords Height Map and Normal to find the latest tools for working with Normal maps. Unfortunately we have no control over the persistance of third party links. My own archives do not include the guide for the Normal Tools. Which is a shame because I recall it was excellent.
  20. Call yourself a coder?? Where are the empty pizza boxes then?
  21. It might be worth running the paint.net repair tool. You'll find it in your installation folder (where you installed paint.net). The file is called PdnRepair.exe.
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