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  1. Plugin Index We have a devoted thread and it is well explained in the documentation. There are other online resources like A simple search will find the answer. Who would police this?
  2. The link in the first post works fine. I just checked.
  3. I have archived quite a number of legacy plugins so forum users can continue to download them. This is usually necessary because the plugin author is awol and the original plugin link is/was broken. This is the case for this plugin pack. I'm providing this service for free. I don't recieve any payment or 'kickbacks' for doing so. I do it because I'm generous and altruistic. You don't get to choose how I make these plugins available, I do. If you don't like DropBox don't download it.
  4. Pure gold that is! Thanks @SodiumEnglish
  5. Do you have the menu Effects > Text Formations? If you do, hover over the first entry and post a screenshot of the tool tip that shows up.
  6. This intrigues me. What happens if you toggle the Tools window off (press F5) then move PDN to the other monitor, then toggle the Tools window back on?
  7. ShapeMaker Thread is a dozen years old, that's why it's been locked.
  8. Quite so Welshy. It's still there.... REF:
  9. My partner has the same pathological fear of creepy-crawlies 🕷️. A scream usually brings me running. I pick them up in my hands and gently remove them while she shudders.
  10. @TrueblueKiwi - Gidday & welcome to the forum Remember, you need to put your text on it's own transparent layer for these shadowing plugins to work. If you put your text on a layer with other elements (like a solid background) the plugin will not be able to find the edges of the letters
  11. I'm enjoying Diablo 3 on the 360. The cartoon sounds of combat are brilliant. And smashing random stuff never ceases to appeal! Level 15 Monk. Skeleton King took a few attempts to defeat. The Butcher took just two.
  12. Ed Harvey's Halftone works better than TR's regarding the surrounding transparency. Other plugins to consider: Alpha to dots does quite a nice job.
  13. I find it useful now that I've become familiar with it. It is quirky because of it's similarity to this shortcut: Shift current tool 10 pixels Hold Ctrl + Arrow keys ↑ ← ↓ → (may not work with all tools) The trick is to use the arrow key first, then use Ctrl + arrow key combination to move by 10px (yes, I get it wrong often)
  14. Thought experiment: 1. Draw your solid line on it's own transparent layer. 2. Duplicate the layer (next two steps use this new layer) 3. Apply Motion blur in a direction which approximates the width of the dotted band. 4. Apply Halftone to make the motion blurred gradient into dots.
  15. Hi splitframe - welcome to the forum That's correct. Using the Ctrl key allows you to move a copy of the selection. REF: Just use the arrow keys without the Ctrl key
  16. Some of the plugins in this pack are obsolete and will not work with the latest version of Check the first post in this thread for the red warnings.
  17. @last_dovahkiin GREAT username! 👍 I'd create a new layer to use as a country mask. In the new layer, fill each country with a different solid color. You will only need to do this once. The new layer will make selecting one country easy with the magic wand. Hide the layer by turning off the visibility when you don't need it.
  18. Happy Birthday Rick! (Where's the Telsa logo?)