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  1. Batch processing with PDN isn't supported. There have been a few attempts. Your best bet is to have a look at IrfanView.
  2. I understand. I redid the PDN documentation website and added all the new icons in. Of course the screenshots had to be updated too. I actually rather enjoyed it. If you want help updating the project feel free to PM me.
  3. Hey Fxtxre Hendrixx - welcome to the forum There sure is a way to do this! Quite easily too. First, place each letter on it's own transparent layer. Then set each layer's Blend Mode to Multiply (there are more options here, Screen might work better for some of the brighter colors). More info >>
  4. I wish you a happy and fun filled birthday @ReMake 🎁
  5. Caliandris specified A5 size AND a fewer pixels. Lowering the print density (DPI) is the only option. It is likely that after printing the results will be less than impressive because of the low resolution. But this is not what has been asked.
  6. @HyReZI'm trying to make this clearer. That kind of comment is not helping 😐
  7. In short: Print Size (inches) = Image Size (pixels) / Print Density (DPI aka Dots per Inch) Equally, but using a different unit of measurement..... Print Size (centimeters) = Image Size (pixels) / Print Density (DPcm aka Dots per Centimeter) Another way of writing the second equation is.... Image Size (pixels) = Print Size (centimeters) * Print Density (DPcm aka Dots per Centimeter) In either case, if you want A5 size with fewer pixels, lower the DPI setting 😉
  8. Not quite the same effect, but worthy of inclusion in this discussion is my Woven Photo plugin. Run it multiple times over the same image. Each time use a different spacing and size.
  9. No it doesn't. copies from the layer (only) unless you're using Copy Merged (Ctrl + Shift + C). How are you copying once the selection is made?
  10. The old icons are bitmapped, so they were fixed in size. The new ones are SVG so they can be scaled. I can't see any chance of Rick reproducing the old icon set in SVG format so they too will scale. Legacy plugins will continue to use their original icon. No changes there. Correct. I saw how much work Rick put into these icons. I've said elsewhere I think they are beautiful. Give it time, you'll get used to them.
  11. What Browser and what scaling are you seeing this with? I use both Chrome and FF. At any scale neither drops History down to the second row. The screen checks should keep the font small enough to be on one row until the nav changes to a vertical list.
  12. Hey people, Rick has just uploaded the latest round of updates to the documentation. Check it Notable changes are a large number of new images, features and introduction of all new icons which Rick has lovingly crafted. See? I maintain the documentation, so please let me know if you find anything amiss. You can post in this thread or PM me. There are bound to be some improvements to be found in there somewhere 👍
  13. After you've run an effect plugin once, you can repeat it (with the same parameters) using Ctrl + F key combination.
  14. Hello Yuri - welcome to the forum 😀 Not they can't, however the utility windows will snap to the sides of the editing window or the corners if you drag them close enough. Or press Ctrl + Shift + F5 to F8 (depending on which window you want to reset) Or hold down Ctrl + Shift and clicking the appropriate Window icon (top right) REF: If you just want them out of the way, press F5, F6, F7 & F8 together.
  15. I really, really, really want to see this: Review:
  16. Hello promanga. Welcome to the forum 😊 Ctrl + Shift + C (copy merged - copies all visible layers in one go) Ctrl + Alt + V (paste into a new layer) Ctrl + Shift + S (save as)
  17. Go here: Type in 3D Text in the Keywords input box. Hit Enter.....
  18. It will look terrible. Trust me. 30 x 50 cm => 12 x 20 inches (give or take) @ 300 DPI gives you an image size of 3600 x 6000 pixels. Simply redraw the image on a canvas this size and submit that.
  19. Can you use Brush Factory in combination with the Jitter setting? I'm sure a sparse "spray" type brush in a handful of appropriate colors along with JItter would produce what you want.
  20. April Update Four new plugin this month. Enjoy BlurBlend TrevorOutlaw Run Gaussian blur on a source image with additional of blending options (many are new to Center Lines ReMake Draw centerlines on the active layer either in the center of the canvas or in the center of a selection. Object Pruner MJW Conditionally erases 'objects' based on their size (the number of pixels making up the object). 'Objects' are connected regions of non-transparent pixels. Text Distortion xod Create text and simultaneously apply a preset distortion to warp the result.