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  1. Hi JazzMonkey & welcome to the forum There is.... ...but beware - the plugin in that thread has some issues with the latest version of PDN (4.2). To get a beta of the latest bugfix version, go here The plugin has an extensive text manual explaining the settings. In brief, you want to change the layer name to UseAsForeground; This sets this layer as the foreground for all preceding frames (up to a background command).
  2. I love how they drop Klingon in there 😁 It works too!
  3. I suspect your game is forcing the image to appear at that size.
  4. ...or..... REF:
  5. The file I was attempting to save (attached) had one hidden layer. Deleting this layer allowed the file to save without error.
  6. Not necessary. BTW Love your avatar! Did you make that yourself?
  7. Hi Radir. Welcome to the forum Any of the outline/outline-object plugins will work with text - so long as the text is on it's own transparent layer. Go here: and type in the keyword outline.
  8. +1 for a great answer HyReZ TIP: Use the plugin with the latest release date
  9. Took my wife to the Doctor yesterday to see about her Tourettes. She doesn't have it. Apparently I am an D***head and she does want me to F off.
  10. Thread is over two years old @qiantian. Please start a new thread if you wish to restart this conversation.
  11. Try right clicking the zipped file and choosing Extract All
  12. Happy birthday Nursey-poo! I hope your special day is filled with love and joy. 🍰 ❤️
  13. Recolor does work 🙂. It is the best tool to use because it respects shading differences. Here's how to use it in this case.... 1. Set Primary Color to red 2. Set Secondary color to Black 3. Activate the Recolor Tool 4. In the toolbar - Set the brush width to 400, Hardness to 1%, Tolerance to 42% and mode to Sampling Secondary. 5. Cover you image in large strokes.
  14. The guides and text should be on their own layer. Hide each layer by unchecking the checkbox beside it in the Layers Window.
  15. Right click your PDN shortcut > Properties > Target & paste the path here. Can you also post a screenshot of the contents of the PDN installation folder?
  16. 😨 where? Has he got out again?
  17. Many plugin authors are putting in basic installation instructions. Things have gotten a little more complex with the release of the Store version which requires the creation of folders if they don't already exist. Should the installation process ever change, a hard coded ReadMe instruction file is going to mislead. I'm in favor of writing it once and using redirection to point to that correct answer. I learned this ^ from the redirections Rick uses on his website. You may not remember when the forum changed host - it was relatively simple to change one redirection page to point to the new forum URL. Every other URL which pointed to the forumer host broke.
  18. Neat trick! I like it. If someone doesn't beat me to it, I might have a go at this. [Coders, don't wait for me - get to it ]
  19. I probably have the source code archived. I'll upload it when I find it.
  20. July Update One new plugin this month. Charts and Graphs BoltBait Create colorful graphs and charts with options to import external data. Many types are supported. 😎
  21. Plugin Index We have a devoted thread and it is well explained in the documentation. There are other online resources like A simple search will find the answer. Who would police this?