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  1. Wow, this is funny, I came by to get some plugins for my laptop yesterday and I notice this, I didn't expect that. But oh boy, it's been a long time since I was last here, looking back on it, I've really changed a lot! But, I guess, uhh... Hi! Not sure if I'll be sticking around, only time will tell, but thought I could at least say "Hi" (I would've said something yesterday if it wasn't because I was busy )
  2. Updated, completely changed how this thing works. Will work on another plugin for making dither algorithms for this later, also might make this multithreaded later (Plugin update on my birthday ... Wooo!)
  3. No crash log, it just crashed. Just tried the new version and after some time of editing the display driver stopped responding (scared me for a second) and it crashed again, still no crash log
  4. Tried it and... PDN crashed after a while and the source image was flipping up and down on every edit i made to the code
  5. Cool! I have, in a long time, wanted to make GLSL shaders that could be run in PDN. I might try this later but I'm a bit busy with other things right now. Hope you solve the crashing issue and make it more stable.
  6. What about the gradient effect there's in KrisVDM's plugin pack?
  7. you could try -despeckle or -enhance in IM (You could also take a look in this thread http://www.imagemagick.org/discourse-server/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=15855) hope it helps
  8. like this CurrentPixel = src.GetBilinearSampleClamped(x, y);
  9. Well, as i said above i can only get the correct results if i process the whole image in one run, i tried quite a few things to get it working but for some reason it just dont want to come with the expected result if i dont run it through the whole image like ErrorDiffusionSimple eds = new ErrorDiffusionSimple(divisor[DitherMethod], maps[DitherMethod]); eds.ProcessDither(SrcClone, dstArgs.Surface, reg, srcArgs.Bounds, BitDepth); which is extremely slow, and this problem only seem to be there with custom UI (only made a fast test from codelab, it ran fine there, and
  10. Right click is used to rotate selections, and when pasting something in an image will automatically include it in a selection, i think that is why
  11. Just some extra info, it tried to copy the class into codelab and test with the default values (not anything loaded from anywhere) it worked fine, when i did the same in my solution it had too much contrast edit: Some comparisons my result how it should be more like edit2: Apparently i don't get the bad result if i run through the image in one run, so i dont know whats causing this any ideas?
  12. Uhm, somewhere in November last year i decided to make a major update to Simulate Color Depth after being somewhere with lots of errors and crashes i got away from it and onto something else. A few days ago i decided to take it up again and decided just to write a whole new easier customizable error diffusion dithering class, success in nearly first try, and as planned i began to add XML support for custom dithers. On my way home from school today my computer had a bluescreen while it was sleeping, but luckily i had my project saved so it wasn't a big problem, so i came home turned on my compu
  13. I wouldn't do that, if its in an irregular selection (round, shaped) it will do it outside the selection that way read this: http://www.boltbait....lp/tutorial.asp it explains it edit: I guess your trying to avoid going "outside" the image, if so use src.GetBilinearSampleClamped(x, y);
  14. for (int y = rect.Top + 1; y < rect.Bottom - 1; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left + 1; x < rect.Right - 1; x++) { should be for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) {
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