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  1. Fill the destination canvas with transparent pixels then copy the bitmap to position [0,0].
  2. Um... why not just swap heads? Your technique seems very longwinded, and the results are, at best, average. I understand you are proud of your creation and urge you to keep creating. When you impress the users of this forum - that is the time to start thinking about posting a tutorial. I've deleted you other posting as it was largely the same. I'm going to close this thread. I'm sorry, this tutorial is not of the quality we expect. To find out what we do expect see the Tutorial Posting Guidelines (see 8 and 12)
  3. Render the image in the top left hand corner and make all the other pixels transparent.
  4. Right click on the icon and see if you have an option to "open file location". When the location opens, post a screenshot showing the contents of that folder.
  5. February Update. Four new plugins this month, from three new authors! Welcome aboard people Axis Streak Reptillian Streaks pixels along an axis. Options to change the streak direction and the exponential factor. It's not designed to work with non-transparent rgb images. Source code provided. Deviation To Alpha felix-hilden Converts pixels to a single color and adjusts the alpha value based on deviation from that color. Essentially it's a grayscale to alpha converter, capable of extracting black or white objects from a background of the other color, but it c
  6. Not so bad . I once played with a Filetype plugin which opened STL files as wireframes / gray-shaded surfaces. It kinda worked too. Unfortunately it sank in my todo list
  7. @Intrepidis please have a read through the recently published guidelines. There are a couple of suggestions in there which will help users find out about your plugin (P6 & P10)
  8. The trick with directional lighting is to fake it by creating shadows in the opposite direction. This plugin is a great place to start BoltBait's Object Shadow Pro To use it, your image elements need to be on separate layers and surrounded by transparent pixels (we call these elements "objects" - as in the title of the plugin). The layers are best organized so the closest elements to the viewer are at the top of the Layers Window, and the furthest away form the viewer at the bottom of the Layers Window.
  9. That example is a 3D render. Reproducing that with paint.net is not going to be quick or easy.
  10. jeremygavins is talking about the control nubs which surround a selection. The round circles on the edge of the red area.... Unfortunately there is no way to make them larger. If you have the mouse over the nub it will change from the four-way-arrow to a "grabbing hand" . This gives you an indication you're over the nub.
  11. The different RGB channels contribute to the intensity by different amounts. I use this formula to calculate the intensity of a pixel: (iColor.R * 0.299) + (iColor.G * 0.587) + (iColor.B * 0.114) As you can see, the weighting given to blue color channel is 0.114, much less than Red (0.299) or Green (0.587).
  12. Welcome back Martin! For all those members wondering, here's a list of the plugins Released as Midora: ImAGIF 13 Mar 2015 Loads and saves animated gif files. ImAPNG 13 Mar 2015 Loads and saves animated PNG files. LookAtIt.Effect 13 Mar 2015 View image files including animated image files.Supported formats: Animated GIFs: *.gif, *.agif, Animated IFFs: *.anim, *.iff, *.ilbm, *.lbm (Amiga and Atari), Animated PNGs: *.png, *.apng (ImAPNG.FileType required), Animated WebPs: *.webp, *.awebp (ImAWEBP
  13. There are many plugins which can do what you wish. All have their uses and each behaves a little differently. Without a plugin, the Recolor Tool is usually the best bet when the Fill tool is not applicable (usually because there are many separate elements or shades to recolor). You can also change an entire selection to the Primary color (hit Backspace after selecting), or the Secondary color (Shift + Backspace). This technique does not respect shading the way the Recolor Tool does.
  14. There is no way to define which utility windows appear by default. If you don't want the History window press F6 on your keyboard. If you don't want the Tools window, press F5. Nope, but you can toggle this window too. Press F8 to toggle the window on and off.
  15. Can you post a step-by-step repro (i.e. actual keyboard presses and mouse clicks)...or even a video?
  16. Sometimes - but I never get sick of hearing it Yep. Curves+ is required for the saving and application of the presets.
  17. Here's my rough plan to make these rings happen.... 1. Make a round selection the size you want. 2. Drag out a radial gadient from black to white centered in the selection. 3. Use @pyrochild's Curves+ to change the luminosity like this: The number of peaks and troughs = the number of rings. The distance between the peaks = the width of the rings. Same with the troughs. 4. Use the top option control to save the setting as a preset. 5. Find the preset. It should be in this folder C:\Users\NAME\Documents\paint.net User Files\Effect Pre
  18. If you hide every layer except Layer 3 you'll see this The magic wand correctly selects the black region as being 37 x 109 pixels in size. The red area is 23px wide. The black is not.
  19. Are you copying your selection to as new layer before you apply the hue fix and edge softening?
  20. You've been a member of this forum for four and a half years. I'm sure you know how our necroposting rule works by now. If you don't, it's time you learned. Go read the forum rules. <not just closed, slammed shut>
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