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  1. Are you using keyboard shortcuts (if so please tell us exactly which keys), or the menus? JUst to be clear, are you using Copy? Copy Merged? or Copy Selection?
  2. Hey Warrick - Welcome to the forum In the Toolbar there is a control for Brush Width aka line thickness. Alter that and a new line/curve will use the new thickness. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to change the brush width. Use the [ and ] keys (CTRL acts as a multiplier). REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/KeyboardMouseCommands.html#5 P.S. your image is not showing up when I click the link.
  3. These are wonderful new features. All ShapeMaker users should appreciate them - grab the latest download and check them out! Big rep to @toe_head2001 for the hard work to bring all these new features to life.
  4. There is nothing like the available for paint.net. If you want to create such a plugin yourself there are many excellent resources in the Plugin Developers forum.
  5. Oh, that's glorious. I'm stealing that line 🤣 and based on your decision I'll ban you, or not Glad you like it Welshy.
  6. Have you seen Stickman? There's a link in my signature.
  7. I'm the guilty party (my idea). If the idea is a hit we can throw the occasional object out for coloring. I thought it would make a nice change. Instead of creating an object, you get to color one in - and everyone starts with the same model.
  8. Yup. Probably should have mentioned feathering the edge or AA's assistant.
  9. Draw your shape, filled to a new layer Select the shape with the magic wand Activate the layer where you want to cut from Press delete You can also save the selection geometry from step 2 for reuse. Check this out: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/EditMenu.html#9.2
  10. Alphaspace is found in the Effects menu, and not in a submenu. Have another look at the bottom of the menu, it's easy to miss.
  11. Your semi-transparent areas are being added together. Consider: looking through a pair of sunglasses while you're wearing another identical pair - things get darker when looking through both 😀
  12. Hi Paul & welcome to the forum. Your first step should be to show us your system specs (from Settings > Diagnostics). Rick has put a lot of effort into making pdn faster and more responsive, especially when working with large images. If you can give us the above info we might be able to figure out where the bottleneck is.
  13. Uninstall any non-system font you don't recognize by name 😁
  14. October Update One new plugin this month.... Scalable Vector Graphics Filetype otuncelli Filetype plugin for loading SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and its compressed variant SVGZ files. SVG elements can be rendered all on a single layer, or each on a separate layer. The plugin is a tiny wrapper around the SVG.NET Library which does the actual SVG reading. I also applied the fix for the Texture Shader link.
  15. @aazard you can find some of your requested filetypes here https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/46-filetype-plugins/ DDS is built in. WebP is available as a plugin as are some of the others. TIFF support in also built in to PDN, but is basic.
  16. Try these ^ to convert brightness to transparency. For the blending try this plugin Check out Pin light 😊
  17. The instructions given asked the user to download the plugins one by one in order of latest release. I did not have their image, camera, pc or even the error message. Given the lack of a starting point I made a suggestion to try them all starting with the most recent as this would probably be the most likely fix. We have thousands of forum users. Space costs. It's as simple as that. If you require more, make a case for it and let a Mod know. We're not unreasonable. By default the list is sorted alphabetically. See where I suggested the OP use the sor
  18. Typo. The URL is looking for the wrong forum topic. An update is due out tomorrow. I'll flag this for correction.
  19. New forum Admin @toe_head2001 has flexed his superpowers by creating a much nicer gray theme for the forum. This brand new theme completely replaces the old version of Goodnight Nurse I hacked together about the time man first walked on the moon. Give the new theme a spin and let us know if there are any problems with it. A BIG THANKS to toe-y ⭐
  20. Downloaded. Your fix for the 8-bit effect icons has resolved my previously reported crash.
  21. I've noticed his happen on the default theme too. I have no explanation beyond it being a bug in the forum software.
  22. I've investigated this today. Preliminary results are not good for a Postimage 'quick thumbnail' button. The format of their links are not conducive to merging the image buttons either. Meh. 😒
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