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  1. Sorry that's not working for me? Can you elaborate.
  2. Hello, I've been using this app for ages, quite happy with it. I feel like one of the weaker functions is the rotate / zoom tool. I can click the small 'ball' and drag it - but it's particularly aggressive in how it moves. I want it on a perfect horizontal plane, just make the left size of the image 'zoom out' (get smaller) and the right side of the image get larger - and I'd like to do it in very fine increments and DEAD even - no up or down tilt, I've managed to line that up right. How can I do this? because apparently I need to manipulate not 1 but 2 numbers (??) the second one down and the 3'rd one down. Sorry to be critical, it's a great app but this particular function is not ideal to work with.
  3. I want something similar to Prisma or Painnt (I just installed this from the Windows store, cool but app has bugs) Is there a filter for Paint.net which will do this stuff? Prisma can produce stuff like this https://kt-media-knowtechie.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/prisma-app.jpg https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRWWjo2PKSrgwyBqribnjCs8-Br_0eBClTtLSplMk0W7lCVgVIo Painnt can do similar etc https://software.thaiware.com/upload_misc/software/2017_01/images/12913_170117101856mR.jpg Prisma requires talking back to a server and ios, that's awful and Painnt wants a sub, which I guess would be fine if it wasn't so buggy. Is there either an alterntive app or a plugin for Paint.NET that comes close?
  4. CTRL-SHIFT-G would act same as CTRL-H CTRL-SHIFT-H would act same as CTRL-G Is it redundant? yes. Is it standard to reverse some procedures with shift, yep. I definitely don't think it would work "better" than what's there if you removed the G option, I'm simply suggesting reversing feature as standard. If you had a hotkey which was just "shrink image 25%" as CTRL-I, I would expect that CTRL-SHIFT-I would enlarge image 25% It's simply the standard, if you don't want to add it, that's fine. I miss the rotate menu in PSP5 unfortunately, I found it faster to work with, hence trying to improve rotation in P.N
  5. I'm not suggesting a custom key, I'm suggesting that it be added officially.
  6. I've asked for a few things and sadly been shot down. CTRL H = Rotate. Love to rotate the opposite direction, simply by holding SHIFT (the Windows standard,.... ALT-TAB vs ALT-SHIFT-TAB CTRL-F6 vs CTRL-SHIFT-F6 (Firefox:) CTRL-TAB vs CTRL-SHIFT-TAB) ..... That's pretty much it. Thanks
  7. hamwizard

    Pixelize filter / plugin.

    Sorry I have no idea how to use that? I wish i could import it into Red ochres plugin, because it's (mostly) really nice. How do I use your code?
  8. Hi, I don't know how to explain this in graphics people talk Say I have an area highlighted in an image which contains a gradient of colour, example very light green, light green, green, dark green, very dark green I want to be able to click on this section and deepen the colour so the lightest is no longer 'very light green' but simply, light green -> ending at very *very* dark green Does this make sense. Is this easy? I imagine there's probably multiple methods, what woudl be the best.
  9. hamwizard

    Pixelize filter / plugin.

    The translucent edges are definitely a problem, if they could be nixxed I'd super super appreciate it!
  10. hamwizard

    Pixelize filter / plugin.

    I've found messing with the size of the cuboid and the quantity comes close to what I want but it's a bit fiddly - a 'lock' button to force it to always produce single colour pixels and consistent spacing would be nice, regardless of cuboid count. Regardless it's very good, thank you.
  11. hamwizard

    Pixelize filter / plugin.

    Here's an Apple and the best I could produce from it. http://imgur.com/a/dzBbH It's not got 100% square pixels and the spacing between them isn't a uniform colour Make no mistake, your plugin is fantastic but not quite doing what I'm after - I'll try it regardless mind you, but I was hoping to produce very very low total colour content images.
  12. hamwizard

    Pixelize filter / plugin.

    This is pretty much what I'm after! Thank you. EDIT: actually how do I make them all identical in size and a single colour ONLY?
  13. hamwizard

    Pixelize filter / plugin.

    Hey Eli, That's actually a pretty good result, it just needs to have some kind of code which enforces each 'pixel' MUST be a single colour and that perhaps the 'gap' grid line over the pixels is a tiny bit larger (perhaps 2 pixels) Did you just make that?
  14. Hi is there a plugin which will do this specific pixelization effect? Note the spacing in the pixels which has been achieved - pixelising in itself I imagine is probably easy but that whole 'snap to grid' conformity is good plus the pixels have a small 1 pixel spacing between them. Thoughts? Thanks.
  15. hamwizard

    paint.net 4.0.12 is now available!

    I know how you feel about usability. I used paint shop pro 5 for over a decade, I came over to using this but I still use PSP5 for stuff. I still miss CTRL-DEL to actually delete the file I'm looking at (with confirmation) - I asked here but got shot down. Considering Rick appears to be a very graphics heavy person with his knowledge, it's a miracle this is as easy to use as it is.