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  1. Just Ruby, but Ruby on Rails (which gets way more hype) is on my list for later.
  2. Well I'd say it depends on the situation at hand, but normally I'd say :twisted: . ~~Internet memes~~ Which is funnier, lolcats, or rockrolling people?
  3. Well here's one that is (possibly) useful: puts 'Have you ever wondered how many letters/characters there are in a certain word?' puts 'This simple program will help you! Simply type in the word and the program will' puts 'take care of the rest!' name = gets.chomp puts 'There are ' + name.length.to_s + ' characters in the word ' + name + '.' Yeah, I should take this to mah blog now...
  4. Wow, that was the first piece of C# I actually understood. Do you know places where there are more examples like that?
  5. I finally created my first good Ruby program! #first name fname = gets.chomp #last name lname = gets.chomp puts 'Your first name is ' + fname puts 'Your last name is ' + lname #full name puts 'So wait...Your full name is ' + fname + ' ' + lname + '?' You basically type in your first name, then your last name, and the program puts it together. I know, it's sort of useless, but a milestone for me.
  6. Learning Ruby is really fun. And easy too.
  7. A quick search reveals this thread and this solution for Pyrochild: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=22863&p=146120&hilit=properties#p146120
  8. I tried searching using half a dozen or so keywords, and I browsed through Ash's PDN page twice, but I can't find anything like this. Rotate/Zoom is not what I am looking for. I hope this post makes sense. I want a plugin that will contract/thin the shape. It's like the 2nd picture, but for the shape not the selection BoltBait's Feather plugin can do something similar to this, but I don't want the edges to be feathered/blurred/modified, just the thickness of the lines. Thanks, ncfan51. PS: For clarification, I am not requesting for a contract selection tool. That has already been requested before.
  9. The Text! Make it in a big, bold military-style font (and camo, not blue!) Also center it, and add some feel to it. Maybe this: http://www.dafont.com/armalite-rifle.font
  10. I'm certainly using this: http://blog.fueledsoftware.com/m/blogs/ ... /demo.html
  11. I think you should resize that to 800x600 or post a linked thumbnail.
  12. Try finding a template for Scribus, which is like the Paint.NET of desktop publishing. http://www.scribus.net/
  13. My GPU doesn't support pixel shaders and is a Geforce4 MX. That eliminates 85% of new games and 40% of old ones. I'm not a megagamer, I usually just play ports of old console games (from like 1993)
  14. That is a tag I created for moderators to speed things along for us. Please do not all try to become mini-mods now that its existence is known. Trust me, I will use my new rule tag powers for good only. Actually, I won't use it at all;
  15. We have a rule tag?! [rule=6]Rule #6[/rule] [rule=6]Rule #6[/rule] :shock:
  16. BB00: You are really good at making masks :shock: ! How long did that one take?
  17. Same here! As long it's not on a Monday or Tuesday because we have to do PE and that itself is bad for me and doing it in the rain is even worse. Trust me, go to Calcutta in monsoon season, and that'll quickly change your mind.
  18. It's hot, rainy, and depressing here...I hate the monsoon...
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