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  1. Whoa.."Plugin Development Center"...? :shock:
  2. Uncheck the Background Layer...?
  3. Guess who's back? That was a rhetorical question.
  4. And gasp, could it be? Congratulations. BoltBait: wow. :shock:
  5. I doubt it... But hey, you never know... >_>
  6. I was browsing snopes a few days ago, and today I stumbled upon a funny xkcd comic:
  7. Awesome idea, but it is sllllloooowwww on my Dell laptop.
  8. Then you don't know where to look. There are plenty. for example, try this, easy but fun: http://www.tutorial9.net/photoshop/3d-p ... h-effects/
  9. I'm getting addicted to Blues. I have evn wrote two verses of my own Blues song.
  10. Make a version 2 of the 3D Maze that is textured and realistic.
  11. No. First you have to download and run the Custom Brushes plugin. It should then appear.
  12. Right Click > Save As > filename.png Save it in: My Documents/Paint.NET User Files/Custom Brushes
  13. Oh darn it. :x Told you it was a three minute job.
  14. Stocks: Gun PSP Photoshop Window Base EDIT: It is purposely aliased to give an 80's look.
  15. Thanks, I will put that in my txt file. Explanation: when ever I hear a good PdN tip, I save it in a .txt file on my desktop, pdntips.txt.
  16. Guitarist stuck inside an Aquarium tank. 90% Paint.NET, 10% Photoshop CS2 (minor clonestamping, distortion). Stocks: Guitarist Aquarium Coral reef I made this a while ago. I'm planning a v2 with less Photoshop, more Paint.NET, and further realism.
  17. Neither. I dislike both equally. iPhone or Touch Diamond
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