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  1. SIG is actually an abreviation for Signature In Gyourpost (silent "g"). WHY!?
  2. Because I punched in the face (joking). Because, according to the laws of physics, HATS MUST BE CROOKED! GAH! Can I have a cookie?
  3. I posted that in General Discussions and Questions...ISN'T IT AMAZING? lol, I know, it isn't, it's just a line to seperate the header from the body in a website I'm making for a friend.
  4. Not sure if it's WinZip doing this for you, but... If you run on Windows, if you just right click a zipped file, and hit Extract, it'll unzip for you.
  5. So, just select the part I want gradiented and deselect? And it'll let me do it multiple times per layer? I will try that soon, but I achieved what I needed to via copy and paste: Thank you very much, because I will definetly use that technique.
  6. I'm making a picture that looks like this currently: What I did, was do a Linear (Reflected) Gradient from top to bottom, then, on a layer above that one, do the same gradient, but sideways, then make the layer opacity 100. Now, I want to have three of these gradients on this line image, but you can only do one gradient per layer. If I go up a layer, I ahve to make that semi transparent as well, but that just makes the layer two below really hard to see, and ruins the image. Is there any ways I can get three gradients on one layer? I'm going to try to copy and paste the gradient, but there must be a better way than that. Thanks in advance!
  7. That's no problem. But that'll help me tons with centering text onto page buttons for websites!
  8. Yes, I figured it out at the time I edited my previous post, but thanks anyways. That's exactly how it should've been explained.
  9. So, now, I'm going to try to figure out how to make a transparent background. Do you mean, a gif or something? OMG, I am so stupid. I figured it out. And it was something I alrady knew how to do. Sorry for being so stupid about this.
  10. ttp://theboard4all.7.forumer.com Hmm. Mah old forum. Lol.
  11. Definetly not an elephant, I can tell you. Why is a * an asterik, and not a star?
  12. WTF? Well, I know what it is, it's a frame from an animation I made on paper with marker, but still. And it was on aol video. I use YouTube...?
  13. So basically, I need to set the layers opacity to 0? If I do that, I can't even see the text. Man, I suck at this. I'm going to keep trying until you reply.
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