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  1. ... Same thing with a computer. Have you seen Crysis running on an Alienware M15x?
  2. I've been looking at some mobile phones, and there are TWO that are absolutely awesome. Check these out: On the top is the HTC Touch Pro, sibling of the Touch Diamond. On the bottom is the Xperia X1, from Sony Ericsson. If you were next to me right now, you would be drowning in drool.
  3. Oh darn. All good things must come to an end. )-: *two-fingered salute* Will you still be at Tagflow?
  4. @Boltbait - Most other browsers, Firefox included, have no support for the Wingdings/Webdings family. Maybe Sifr will work...
  5. Follow these tutorials: Beginner (First week or so) http://w3schools.com/html/default.asp http://html.net/tutorials/html/ http://www.yourhtmlsource.com/ Intermediate (2nd/3rd Week) http://htmldog.com/ (Teaches good coding practices) Starting to Get Pretty Good! (3rd/4th Week) http://htmldog.com/guides/cssbeginner/ http://w3schools.com/css/default.asp http://html.net/tutorials/css/ Will be continued...
  6. THIS one is WAY too cool: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chalo84/26 ... ownplanets @Simon - Here's a tip: Cut out the radial blurred sky and replace with an undistorted sky picture.
  7. Some quick searching around shows that this is called "stereographic projection". It can be replicated in Photoshop, but the result isn't as good as using true, specialized software. Here is the link.
  8. Check. this. Out. :shock: http://flickr.com/photos/gadl/sets/72157594279945875/
  9. @Crimson - That first (25%) piano picture is my personal favorite of all your photos.
  10. Or type [alt+0169] on your numpad. Or you could just copy this: ©.
  11. Hardly. For starters, there's tons more to Microsoft than operating systems. Programs, programming languages, DirectX, Visual Studio, for starters. Now, do you really think Microsoft would help Google at all to create a OS with these features? Ever wondered why PC games are pretty much only playable on Windows nowdays? Only XP/Vista have DirectX support. Unix and Mac's have their own seperate programming languages. How many Windows exclusive programs are there out there? See what I mean? Now, onto the actual browser, it's decent, handy for looking stuff up quickly, but the UI needs to be a bit less awkard, and, there isn't even a view page source option from when I've looked Yes, there is a "View Source". Document >> Developer >> View Source. Or hit Ctrl+U.
  12. Meh. Chrome's OK, just not my thing. I'll stick with Opera. Side note: I have noticed a few bugs here and there, but hey it is a beta.
  13. Actually I'd say a former/current communist country would probably have most number of atheist/nonreligious.
  14. That might be right in America, but anti-gun laws have increased security tremendously in India. It is ridiculously hard to get a gun here (legally or illegally). Ridiculously. In my district, there is maybe only one gun related crime every 6 or so years, and it almost never results in death/serious injury. But then again criminals have other means: in a back alley in Agra a few years ago, a tourist got robbed by three men in a back alley: one was weilding an old, rusty knife, another a sharpened pencil, and the last, bare fists.
  15. Cumber Bun? Huh..wha..oh..uhhh...No...? Pronounced like spelled.
  16. I never thought I'd say this but: ROTFLMCBO! (Don't you love all these ambiguous variations of ROFL?) I swear, I was talking about console/handheld.
  17. Use Right Click -> Save As.. instead of just copying it and pasting it onto the canvas.
  18. It would be 15x better if they had two analog sticks for FPS...Is 1 GB enough memory? I wish they used SD instead...
  19. So I've decided to take the big leap and purchase a PSP this October when the 3000 series comes out. But I haven't owned a console since the NES, and haven't really kept up with gaming. Can someone give me a list of good games (in their opinion). @Ash - None that I know of. I use Speed Dial on Opera, so I don't have any bookmarks ('cause I don't bookmark every cool 'tube video there is. Only the top 10 sites I know I'm going to revisit.)
  20. Hmm..There is an incomplete port called Paint Mono...
  21. Lasso tool and Surface Blur (part of Ed Hardy Plugin Pack.) Oh, and maybe a bout of Smudging to finish it up.
  22. Actually, my good sir, that is very simple to figure out. Wikipedia says that A4 paper is 210×297 mm. Let's convert that to centimeters, 21x29.7 cm. Now go into Paint.NET, and simply insert those numbers in the "Print Size" box. And Paint.NET outputs: 794 x 1123 px (That's the default of course). To anyone else: If I am wrong, please do correct me.
  23. Unless he added plugins to the installation, which is blatantly violating intellectual property rights.
  24. Tru Dat, I hate having to make a mask to do a transparent gradient in Photoshop.
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