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  1. Wow, all 4 of the entries are a lot better than I thought could be done with Paint.NET :o . Just wow, good job guys.
  2. There's a TV show called "Divine Design"
  3. Also remember key words in art like: Sig Tag Art Artistic Work Resource Flow Depth etc... Try to think of something really good, because once it's chosen, you're a mod. And you don't want to be a mod of a badly named site Signaporium, Signatarium, Signasium...? Hmm...Deja vu?
  4. Tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3305&hilit=software+box Enjoy.
  5. My dream car: The Tata Nano. For only 1 lakh rupees (2500$) it is pretty nice. My other dream car: http://www.hmambassador.com/avigo/ Hindustan Avigo. :shock: *drools* EDIT: And how could I forget the Tesla Roadster?!
  6. @Olli - Well if it helps you any, I will register and say you referred me.
  7. A few thousand kilometres (or miles for Americans), since that is in Afghanistan, but I know a few workers there...
  8. Sad. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080707/ap_ ... 8Ed3as0NUE
  9. Any help on making it more realistic...? @cooldude - Notice in the reference image that the base gradient is radial and has a darker color. And also: The white is too visible. Try another transparent linear gradient on the glare starting a little higher up on the canvas.
  10. Edgy? I don't know...Maybe the best course of action should be to change the thread title...
  11. For vertical/horizontal lines try the "Scanlines" plugin here: http://boltbait.googlepages.com/scanlines
  12. Really good for "photoshopping".
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