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  1. I'm still not sure, however I'll give you a couple of suggestions: 1. Save your image as a PNG because these images support transparency (JPG does not). 2. If you're deleting part of an image and you want to soften the edge where the transparent pixels appear, try AA's Assistant or BoltBait's Feather
  2. I'm having trouble understanding what you are asking. I suspect English is not your first language? Can you post an example of what you want to do?
  3. Glad to hear it
  4. Use the Recolor tool Here's how: Open the gray image. Activate the Color Picker tool Right-click on the darker gray portion of the icon to select the gray shade as the Secondary color. Set the Primary color to FF96DC (you can copy & paste the hex code into the color window's text box) Activate the Recolor tool Set the toolbar option to Sampling Secondary Set the Brush width to something large like 60px With the left mouse button held down, cover the icon in large sweeping strokes until it's all recolored.
  5. Hi VenkSociety - welcome to the forum First, navigate to your installation folder (usually c:/program files/ and run PdnRepair.exe. Let us know if that solves the issue.
  6. Flagged as Incompatible in the next edition of the Plugin Index.
  7. Thanks for that clarification.
  8. Additional language support is added by way of *.dlc files. One is required for each new language. I'm sure there is a mini-tutorial here somewhere, but I can't find it right now. Some clues here
  9. Tools or plugins? You can tell the difference in the menus as plugins have the puzzle piece icon next to them. Olden is definitely a plugin. If you can find the crash log, please post it here.
  10. Mini-tutorial on my dished buttons: 1. open a reasonably sized, single layer canvas - I generally use the default 800x600 (NB: it doesn't have to be square). 2. fill the entire canvas with your base color. 3. open Effects > Render > Shape3D. 4. change the Depth Radius to around 0.3. This gives the button a nice domed appearance. 5. turn on Antialiasing. Level 4 or 5 is perfect to eliminate the rough outer rim. 6. increase the Strength of Light to 1.2 7. change the Specular Highlight to 0.1 8. hit Ok. 9. duplicate the layer. 10. the upper layer should be selected. If not, select it. 11. press Ctrl+Shift+Z to open the Rotate/Zoom dialog 12. hold Shift down while you drag the outer roll control to the 180 degree position. 13. reduce the zoom to around 0.8 14. if required, use the pan feature to recenter the reduced image. You could use Align Object, but I'm lazy and just eyeball it. 15. hit OK 16. apply Effects > Blurs > Gaussian Blur on the upper layer at radius of 25 or so. 17. flatten and save,
  11. <Moved to Discussion & Questions>
  12. Turn your object 180 degrees and apply the standard bevelling. Then turn it back. This is how I make the concave center of these buttons.
  13. Hey it's MadJik! Nice to see you here again.
  14. Press Ctrl and D to deselect. That releases the selection focus and commits the image to the current location in the layer.
  15. That is a copy and paste operation, not clone stamp. See, the source point of the clone stamp moves. If you want the same area of an image copied multiple times, then select it, copy it and paste it into a new layer as many times as you need.
  16. Two overlaid four-point stars from the Shapes tool gives you a great starting point. I dragged one out (using Shift to keep it square). Then rotated it to 45 degrees (rotate + Shift = snaps to 15 degree angles). The second (larger) one was a repeat of the first step.
  17. Agreed. Rather than trying to manipulate the contents of the rectangle, I think you're better to simply delete it and create a new one.
  18. Red Ochre has correctly deduced the reason the link didn't show up. We have set up the forum to kill that URL whenever it is posted. Please only ever download plugins from this forum, or from links posted here by the plugin author.
  19. That would require quite a rewrite. I'll put it on my list of things to do (which is looong ). In the short term you might be better to tile a single cell created with the Shapes tool. Rick has added corner radius as an option to the rounded rectangle shape, an of course Shapes support line thickness.
  20. That's what I was thinking. Also why I used a screenshot of the plugin dialog so he/she could be sure.
  21. I just made that image. Are you sure you're using the correct plugin? Check the screenshot for the icon. Edit: find it in Effects > Distort > Polar Transformation
  22. Not so. Are you using the correct plugin?
  23. Try this technique: Basically it converts this to this
  24. Have a very happy birthday Rick!