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  1. Quick Sand

    Welshy - your posted URL ^^ is not returning your image??
  2. Layer buttons confusion

    Try using the keyboard shortcuts. They become second nature after a while.
  3. Press Ctrl + L together to open's Levels dialog (or go to Adjustments > Levels). There you can set the input and output values. The RGB channels are checkboxes below the sliders. REF:
  4. Windows store version and plugins

    Online documentation covers this here:
  5. How on earth did you happen upon that??
  6. BoltBait's Plugin Pack for PdN v4.0.6+ Updated Aug 16, 2017

    You don't. This plugin pack will work with all versions of above 4.0.6.
  7. Unfinished plugins

    I saw your reply & gave you +1 I have no issues with you passing on the dll. @lynxster4 This little mapper became the base for Planetoid - so what you're doing with it is exactly how I intended it to be used: 2D and 3D mapping.
  8. Selecting Areas by Color?

    Hey Lyrehc - welcome to the forum I hope you figured out that the Magic Wand is the tool to use If you hold down the Shift key, MW will select every instance of the matching color within in the layer. Control the colors matching the origin (the click point) using the Tolerance slider. a Tolerance of zero means only exact matches will be found. More here >>
  9. Mine does that too. It won't anchor top left in the designer either. Restarting VS sometimes helps, as does deleting the contents of the /obj folder (forces VS to rebuild everything - or something). To resize or relocate something, I often type the new dimensions/location into the Properties fields.
  10. Unfinished plugins

    I'd completely forgotten about this thread. Here's something for y'all to play with. It's a little map generator. Sorry about the long data section. I used to have more than one palette in there. Note: Render it over a black background. If you want to exclude areas of the canvas, make them blue (you can soften the edge by blurring the blue edge). This became the base of my RPG world maps; DMs version (lots of extra info in the layers) The version the adventurers get Here's how the plugin UI looks, and a sample output.... The code....
  11. Rawfile.dll error message.

    The last link @toe_head2001 gave you is the most recently released. The one you had was this one: RawFileType. If neither of those open your files then your chances of opening them decreases dramatically. Still, it might be worth trying older versions. The complete list from youngest to oldest is.... RAWFile LAB operamint A dcraw based RAWFile plugin with an advanced GUI. Requires 64-bit dcraw.exe to be downloaded, renamed and placed in Filetypes folder. RAW FileType null54 This is a DCRaw-based raw filetype. Uses the latest incarnation of DCRaw. RAW File cefoot 4.x version of RAW File. Note: this is a file reader, so there is no option to save in the RAW format. Rawload v1.0 avatare Load *.raw files with metadata using the Windows Imaging Component and preserving the image metadata. RAW File Pebal Dcraw based raw file reader. A 4.x version has been released: Raw File RawReader Ivn Dcraw based RAW file reader. DCRaw has been recompiled as a *.dll (32 and 64 bit). RawLoader rpetrich Decode RAW camera images and make them available for use in Requires use of installer or plugin + DCRaw.exe. Download links are not working.
  12. Quick Sand

    Cool Tut Welshy! Told ya it looked like Elvis!! PDF link added.
  13. lagging/delay

    How many plugins have you got installed?
  14. Woven Photo

    @Woodsy rediscovered this excellent tutorial while archiving tuts to PDF. I was so taken with the effect I wrote a plugin to make it easier to create a very similar effect. I know this is similar to Ed Harvey's Weave, but that seems to be non-functional in PDN 4.0+ The UI: Download the DLL >> After installing, you'll find it in the Effects >Texture Demos: Run it twice with different sizes for some interesting overlays... Download it here for the time being. I'll put it in my Plugin Pack soonish.
  15. Sorry ColinK, nothing like that currently exists for
  16. How to make better Static? - Continued.

    Not cool. Seriously. You need to grow up. Read these if you wish to remain on the forum. Do it now. Note where it says: I shut down your other thread because of your bizarre ranting. Unfortunately, this thread appears to be going to same way. You've had two run-ins with the Mods here. Start acting like a responsible member of this forum or we will eject you.
  17. Woven Photo

    This should fix the error MadJik's reported. >>New Build<< I'm still investigating the antialiasing issues when rotating. Methinks I'm going to have to do some refactoring...
  18. Woven Photo

    Seerose, great picture! Thanks for posting it. MadJik, thanks for that report. I'll track that division error down.
  19. Woven Photo

    I'm working on rotating the texture (as promised long ago). Here's something to keep you all playing..... WovenPhoto95 Find it in Effects > test Known issues: The antialiasing at some angles is truly awful If your image is more than 10x the strip width you'll run off the edge of the texture (can we say "bug"??) More to come.....
  20. This quickly becomes second nature....
  21. Difficulty with OpenRaster plugin

    And please delete everything you downloaded from the software pirates. They have viruses in them.
  22. How to install icons plugin in 4.0.19 documentation:
  23. Create the Dragan effect in Paint.NET

    Very impressive Seerose!
  24. How to make a starry sky!

    Please read these: Specifically #6, #7a, #8 & #12 Thanks.
  25. How to make better Static?

    You're not making any sense @RMSTITANIC <closed>