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Polygon Tool (As in MS Paint)

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Hi Sabrown,

Just to let you know that your polygon plugin is really great! I'm sure it meets the needs of many users who may have to draw various shapes and found it difficult in the past.

I think all of us appreciate the time and effort you put in creating interesting plugins. Perhaps, there should be others writing private messages to those whose grasp of the English language does not enable them to express themselves as clearly in English as they could in their mother tongue. Instead of criticizing them publicly, we could help create clearer explanations and instructions to plugin users.

Wonder if this could not be a major role of moderators?

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Hmm... is this kind of tool possible as an upgrade or separate plugin?

[sorry I only just saw this thread]

If you are interested I have been maintaining/porting the mods I made to PDN 3.1. (I actually originally made these changes in a 2.X version.) People keep emailing asking me for this stuff (polyline, polygon, corners, scale, rotate, skew etc) so I have ported it to 3.2 and 3.3 (not 3.31 yet).

I don't think you can do all these things in a plug-in. But I would be pleased to learn otherwise - in which case I would start on the plugin right away.

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I have a 2 of questions:

1 - Will there ever be a "preview" function, so that you can see the line while the mouse is held down and before you release it? (Does that make sense to you? :) )

2 - Will the custom brush and custom texture be move to this menu?

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1 prob.. or obstacle... in MS PAINT this tool can be set to auto fill with a secondary colour once polygon is complete... is that possible with this plugin?

reason I ask.. in MS PAINT when creating a word balloon

1, create a black framed and filled with white elipse

2. create the direction arrow of balloon using polygon with frame black and fill on white... you make a triangle stuck to edge of balloon when done interior auto fills white

Thus yer word balloon is done.

without auto fill you have to go in and bit by bit paint interior of triangle area white...

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can a brush be framed one colour and inside another?

that is why I use elipses and [at least back in MS PAINT days] polygon both set at black frame/border and white fill interior to create word balloons.

Now. with PDN

on transparent layer I create an elipse back border white inside.. us polygon or just 2 lines to create pointy part and then fill in the point with bucket of white...:) polygon WITH fill would just save one step... would auto fill the pointer... s'cool... I got it figured out

Tho for future, a polygon tool with all features of MS PAINT style would be quite cool....


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Dang, Pyro, all the way back on page one, you opened a tag, and it's taken us a while to close it.

I'll do the honors:


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Posted Feb. 2012

This Polygon Tool works - After clicking the Polygon Tool in the Effects Menu, a pop-up window opens, Left-Click, Hold, and drag, to start the line, and then, release the Left-Clicker, and then begin Right-Clicking in other places to continue the line from the last end-point. Unfortunately, the pop-up window only zooms up so far. And not very many other line options are in the pop-up window. And, all the other regular screen options are not shown or available in the pop-up window.


1. Just have an on/off button for the Polygon Tool, so it can be used on the regular screen, without using the pop-up window.

2. When the "on button" is selected, it can perhaps disable the regular line tool (with the curve selectors), but keep the line's other options, and more generally, without disabling the screens other options.

3. Perhaps some other line options can be included, such as, snap-to-line, or other types of end-point / start-from-line options.

4. Also, perhaps the regular line/curve button, can be separated into two different buttons, such as straight lines (without being curvable), and straight lines (that can be adjusted for curving).


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This looks like exactly what I've been after - many thanks!

Will it work with layers? I use them in PNG files so that I can have a template on one layer, draw details on another then make the template layer invisible. Very handy in fact.


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On 4/16/2008 at 10:05 PM, Simon Brown said:

One of the features in MS Paint missing from Paint.NET was the polygon tool. The polygon tool is basically a line tool - exept that when you right-click somewhere after drawing a line - it will draw another line from the last drawing postion to the current position. This tool is widely used in pixel art and this plugin allows you to use it in Paint.NET in a similar way to Paint.NET. This effect shows up in the new Tools menu.


How do I use this plugin?

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2 hours ago, KarhuukkiYT said:

How do I use this plugin?


Hi @KarhuukkiYT and Welcome to the forum :)


You use your mouse on the canvas and use right click, or left, to draw the lines.  They only appear after you leg go of the mouse.


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7 minutes ago, ardneh said:

The download link gives a corrupted file.


Can it be fixed?


It's not corrupt; just open the file as an archive. Manually add the .zip extension if you need to.


One of us on the forum staff will properly fix the attachment soon...

(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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