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  1. I wonder if the latest plugins are compatible with the current beta version? I had so many plugins causing Paint.net to hang that I uninstalled the beta and found that the new plugins work.
  2. Hi Sabrown, Just to let you know that your polygon plugin is really great! I'm sure it meets the needs of many users who may have to draw various shapes and found it difficult in the past. I think all of us appreciate the time and effort you put in creating interesting plugins. Perhaps, there should be others writing private messages to those whose grasp of the English language does not enable them to express themselves as clearly in English as they could in their mother tongue. Instead of criticizing them publicly, we could help create clearer explanations and instructions to plugin user
  3. Found a simple way to use the Toon effect to make beautiful pictures by combining it with the Ed Harvey Surface Blur effect: 1. Open the picture that you want to apply the Toon effect on. 2. Duplicate this layer so that you have two layers with the same picture. 3. Apply the Toon effect onto the new layer (the top layer on the Layers' window). 4. Apply the Ed Harvey Surface Blur effect onto the 'tooned' layer. 5. Going to the Layers' menu --> Layer's Properties --> Keep the mode 'Normal' but reduce opacity to about 140. 6. Flatten the layers. 7. Admire your finished product - lol!
  4. Thanks, Pyrochild, for the extra feature. Makes selection of outline colour such a breeze!
  5. Hi Pyrochild, Thanks for this very useful plugin. Wonder if it could be possible to allow the plugin outline colour to be changed before finalizing its effect. This will be useful for testing out how a particular colour blends in with the rest of the background or picture.
  6. Hi Ash, If the date of the updated plugin is on the title of the plugin, we will know when there has been a recent update with greater ease. Quite a few plugin authors already do that. Regards, David
  7. Hi MKT, Thanks for continuing to improve this excellent plugin! Could you kindly indicate the date of each update e.g (29th Aug 2007)? This will make it easier for all of us who are keen to download the latest version. Thanks, David Tay
  8. Thanks for the help but I discovered that I've been looking for the plugin in the wrong place! Searched desperately in the Effects drop down list, and in the Render section to no avail, and then discovered it in Effects-->Distort! Thought it was on its own like the earlier seamless plugins. Apologies for ignorance! Wonder if this plugin should not really be located in the Render section of the Effects instead of the Distort section? Also think that its location could be in the first posting instead of being found in an example in a subsequent posting.
  9. Hi Madjik,I downloaded from the zipped file from the first page, unzipped the file, sent the plugin to the effects folder, and confirmed its presence there as seamlesshelper. Ran it on a picture but the plugin executed without any interface and therefore there was no user choice inputs available. Am I downloading the correct plugin or file?
  10. Thanks, jsnchiu, for a truly excellent plugin! It works beautifully without blurring the image. Will the moderators consider stickying this plugin? Works wonderfully.
  11. Thanks Pyrochild. I actually selected the white background with the selection tool at the default setting, and then deleted it. Then I ran the plugin and nothing worked. Discovered the problem: I set the selection tool at 0 tolerance, and then repeated the whole procedure with successful feathering effect. Thanks for the response.
  12. Would be great if it works for me! Downloaded the plugin, put in in effects folder, copied the same cat from jsonchiu's posting, ran the plugin. Nothing happened! Setting was at the default value of 5.
  13. Wonder if some moderator could sticky this tutorial. For many users, the lack of adequate instructions in English, on the original Japanese webpages, results in the inability to use the excellent plugin to its fullest potential. If this tutorial were stickied, it would enable Paint.net users to learn how to use all three main features of the shape3D plugin by MKT. This is an example of a tutorial that I think should have been sticked quite some time ago!
  14. Ash, thanks for another great shape3D tutorial! Love the result especially after the distortion - should put these pics together with the tutorial.
  15. Thanks, Ash, for another great shape3D tutorial. Got a question, tho - when I change the first colour from black to yellow, my picture colour changes immediately from the black gradient to a yellow gradient. To circumvent this problem, I need to change tools first, then select the gradient tool once again and work with the new colour. An alternative method of circumventing this problem was by Ctrl-D. Is there some step that I should be following to obviate this need?
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