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  1. Rick, Thanks for noticing the performance problem. I just got home and did some tests and immediately found that OnSetRenderInfo is being called 5 times when the dialog starts up. (Some of the control init is firing events that are causing FinishTokenUpdate() to be called.) I'll fix that and perhaps add some other performance tweaks.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have seen mention of IndirectUI but couldn't find any info on how to use it. I searched a few times in these forums and on Google. Actually, I couldn't really find much info about writing plugins at all, but found a template and just enough info to be dangerous. OnSetRenderInfo does do a bit of "global" work trying to find the edge of shape(s), but I believe I defer as much as I can to the Render calls. I didn't notice a speed problem, but I only tested on small images (biggest was 16 x 300). I haven't optimized for speed yet but I don't believe it is doing a
  3. Thanks. The plugin is there now in the thread "new Clear Background plugin (was infer transprency)" The first posts I made did not appear, I guess because I attached a DLL not a ZIP file.
  4. Please find attached a beta version of my new "Clear Background" plugin. This was discussed in the "infer transparency" thread in this forum but I thought this name was better. It tries to recreate a transparent background for an antialiased image which has been rendered onto a plain (single colour) background. Please try it and tell me what you think. This plugin addresses the problem where the alpha channel of an image has been lost and needs to be recovered. I was creating some icons for my hex editor (see http://www.hexedit.com) and I had many icons with antialiased edges that had bee
  5. > Zip the .dll file up and add it as an attachment in a thread in the plugin section (or plugin developers' central if it's a beta.) Thanks. I initially did not see the "Upload attachment" pane (off the bottom of the screen), but I saw it and posted it in this forum in a new (Clear Background) thread. I forgot to zip it first though. I will do that and re-submit. If you are the moderator ignore the 2 earlier posts with the unzipped file. (I assume that posts with attachments have to be approved by the moderator.)
  6. I have written and tested this plugin now. How do I post it?
  7. pyrochild said: > ... anything that has to process on the entire image before anything else can be processed can be done in the OnSetRenderInfo method This is also what I was trying to do. That is, I have a large amount of initialization code which would make rendering the effect very slow if it was performed every time Render was called. I did not know about OnSetRenderInfo, so what I did was this: private bool firstCall = true; public override void Render(EffectConfigToken parameters, ...) { lock(this) { if (firstCall) { //
  8. Great, I like your plugin. I really want to create a different (but in some ways similar) one. Any chance of seeing the source code?
  9. Hi Boltbait, I spoke too soon (as usual). For colored icons (and a white background) your CodeLab script is great but for ones with gray borders it makes the border almost completely transparent. Not what I wanted. (Some icons seem to have the bottom/right side more gray as a shadow, and some icons seems to have a gray line drawn all the way around them.) I can see why that happens from your code. I am still thinking how to create a plugin to do what I want. (I have written some of this sort of thing before in C++.)
  10. Hi BoltBait, I just tried your CodeLab script. It works very nicely adjusting the color (not just the alpha as was my problem with the Color To Alpha plugin). Thanks very much. I still have to select the area first since it tends to affect a lot of pixels inside shapes which I don't want changed. I usually try the magic wand, but it does not usually give good results (when I increase the tolerance to get enough of the borders to be transparent it tends to "leak" into the shapes first), so I have to manually adjust the selection. Also your script works brilliantly for a white background (
  11. I have been using the "Color To Advanced Plugin" for a while and it is not as useful as I first thought. Comparing some images I fixed manually with its results reveals the problem: Since I have a white background the RGB values are lighter than they should be which when combined with the transparency which makes the edges almost disappear. I usually try to compensate for this by increasing the "Alpha Amount" using the slider (making the pixel less transparent) but there appears to be a bug that causes the alpha value to overflow 8 bits and wrap back to zero. In any case the edges end up t
  12. Hi barkbark00. Thanks for the pointer to the "Color to Alpha Advanced" plugin. It is quite a bit simpler than the plugin I was thinking of (but it has saved me some time). First it changes the alpha of almost every pixel of my icons, especially if they have muted colors. I only want to make the background fully transparent and make edges of any shapes detected partially transparent. Using the magic wand to select the area to work on avoids this problem most of the time. Second it never changes the color (RGB) value only the alpha channel. My plugin will adjust each pixel based on the ba
  13. I have tried this plugin and found it very useful, thanks. I have been using it to "re-add" a transparent background to icons that have been rendered over a colored background (white or gray). One thing I always do first is use the magic wand to select the area to be affected otherwise just about every pixel gets some transparency. One thing - can you default the color to the color of the bottom left or top left pixel? That is almost always the color I want to make transparent.
  14. > You're asking for a plugin... Actually I was more saying this is a plugin I am going to create (unless someone else has already done it which I very much doubt), and here is how I would do it. And does it make sense?
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