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Illnab1024's Plugins. (v1.1)


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Here is a compilation DLL of all my (major) plugins.

I've tried to reconstruct some of my codelab-made scripts to the best of my abilities into this compilation, although some Icons may be missing. However, all functionality is, so far as I have tested, there. Gradient effect by Boltbait and me was left out due to the fact that it is obsolete.

Included Plugins:
Alpha Mask *
Cutout Effect
Advanced Greyscale
Point Warp Effect
Polar to Rect

Download v1.1 here:


MODERATORS NOTE:  This compilation of effects is incompatible with Paint.NET 4.0x


These plugins replace the following DLLs in your effects folder:

[and] PolarRect.dll (if you have the Polar -> Rect file built under this name).

*Portions of this effect is attributed to Pleska.

v1.1: Placed Alpha Mask in the Object submenu,
Placed Advanced Greyscale in the Photo submenu,
Relocated Strings to a resource file contained within its own namespace.

Source available here;

Source provided in a base64 data stream format for Mozilla Firefox only; use at your own risk.

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Thanks for the plug-in pack Illnab1024, just a quick thought you might want to add to your text that users can delete the multiple .dll files from their effects folder that your new plug-in supersedes. Also what happened to "flip" in this plugin pack.



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My suggestion (it is just a friendly suggestion :) ) Is why don't you change the zip file's filename to something more descriptive e.g Illnab1024 effects 1.1? I just think it makes checking if the version available is newer than the one you currently have.

"Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity." -Michaul Gelb

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Not only the Cutout Effect won't work, but it also causes instability and asks for Paint.NET to be restarted. This is annoying. Can this effect be removed without affecting the rest?

All things are difficult before they are easy.  (Thomas Fuller)

My signature was really annoying, so BoltBait deleted it. I should probably read rule #13 of the forum rules.

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It looks like the Cutout Effect is bundled with the other plugins in this pack and does not have a separate dll. There is no way to remove it without removing the other plugins.

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@Ego Eram Reputo You wouldn't happen to have the source code to this? Reason I'm asking is that the link is broken and I'm curious as to what is Point Warp. I'm guessing it is similar to a g'mic filter under Testing->Joan Rake, and colors are generated using point as reference. Everything else already exists as separate filters and G'MIC QT filters

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I am away from this forum for undetermined amount of time: If you really need anything related to my PDN plugin or my G'MIC filter within G'MIC plugin, then you can contact me via Paint.NET discord, and mention me.

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