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  1. Thanks toe_head2001. I will check the archive. Yeah, it is a shame that it's not on the forum. I think a modernized re-write would be great.
  2. I wonder if @tourist is willing to post the paint brush tutorial. I'd like to see that one.
  3. Has this plugin been updated? I ask because when I go to download the new version, it says "Index was outside of the bounds of the array".
  4. gmic has been updated to version 2.6.6. The pre release is 2.6.7. Check the gmic site often for updates. The site is: https://gmic.eu/
  5. Oh, okay. Do you know when that will be? I ask because on the gmic site, the gmic plugins for Krita and Gimp have been updated to 2.6.2 and paint.net is listed as having an update.
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