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  1. How to make a Glassy Vase

    is PDF format available?
  2. Photobucket sucks.

    I have found 2 alternatives to Photobucket, imgur, flickr, & tinypic (which photobucket now owns it.) NickPic Host is a good one: This image host allows hotlinking.. aka 3rd party hosting. Another image host is: This image host also allows hotlinking.. aka 3rd party hosting.
  3. Photobucket sucks.

    I got a notice as well. I'm trying to download 1 of my many albums from photobucket and it seems to be taking a while. I refuse to pay $400 a year just to keep using my account.
  4. Pixey's Gallery ~ PDN Glossy Text ~

    I might try this out. Yes, it does help.
  5. Pixey's Gallery ~ PDN Glossy Text ~

    Congrats Pixey. I love the apples you created. How did you do them? Did you follow a tutorial?
  6. BlendModes Plus v2.3.5 (3/24/10)

    Blendmodes+ crashes right away when trying to use it in pdn 4.0.13.
  7. Happy Birthday, welshblue!

    Happy Birthday.
  8. Bling Text

    Here's my attempt:
  9. The Plugin Browser v1.2.1.0 (Jan 9, 2018)

    How is the plugin browser installed? The user guide should explain it and it doesn't.
  10. 4.0.13 is now available!

    No worries, Rick. It updated to the newest version.
  11. 4.0.13 is now available!

    I'll try it and see what happens. It updated to the newest version.
  12. 4.0.13 is now available!

    I checked the built in updater and it says that version 4.0.12 is available.. not the updated version. I'm using Windows 7.
  13. Oh. Hopefully #5 in the link that Rick listed will help you.
  14. I've never had that error. Where did you down load from?
  15. Make a Gold Encased Bottle.

    Hi Pixey, I was wondering if there was a PDF of the tutorial?