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  1. Your result came out so much better than mine.
  2. Here's my attempt at the laptop: It's not the best but I tried. I used Welshblue's smartphone tutorial for the top, then I used Welblue's metal button tutorial for the webcam button, and the laptop tutorial from the site.
  3. Just a heads up, I use GIMP as well as PDN, and G'MIC is updated quite often, so be prepared to have the updated versions handy with PDN and its updated versions.
  4. I was wondering if there was a tutorial on how to create a laptop in PDN. I have looked everywhere.. youtube, here, random google searches, other PDN boards and I have come up empty. I'm just curious to know what a laptop could look like in PDN. Thanks, Mackenzie
  5. Thank you, @AndrewDavid. I did place the file in the effects folder. Happy painting and Merry Christmas to you too.
  6. What is the pdb file and where does it go?
  7. I finally got around to doing the tutorial and here is my outcome:
  8. I have the current version of PDN which is 4.1.4. I have most of the plugins for the tutorial. The most recent version of Rounded Rectangle is but I don't use it because it's confusing. I use either toehead's rounded rect plugin or the shapes rounded rectangle. Does Drop Shadow from Kris VDM's plugin pack work with the current version of PDN?
  9. I really want to do this tutorial but I can't. That is because the updated 'Rounded Rectangle' plugin is confusing to work with, so I use either the rounded rectangle shape or I use Toehead's rounded rect plugin. Also, creating the drop shadow without the drop shadow plugin is hard. Especially if the tutorial says to create the drop shadow on a duplicated layer. My attempt to do this tutorial with alternative ways around the plugins listed, didn't turn out so well.
  10. When I opened and called up the browser to use it, it said there was an update available.