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  1. No, I wasn't expecting to see images. I was expecting to see the folder of the files I had unzipped and I didn't see anything. I downloaded the KCPS Palletes zip file which has a link attached to it: https://forums.getpaint.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2986 (the link is what was downloading. Not the zip file.) EDIT: I figured it out. I clicked the file, opened the peazip app and clicked the option yes when asked about the new archive and moved the files to the palettes folder. The palettes work.
  2. I tried downloading the file and extracting it and I didn't see the palette file.
  3. It's a nice tutorial, but I wouldn't define the level of it as easy. More like medium.
  4. Thanks toe_head2001. I will check the archive. Yeah, it is a shame that it's not on the forum. I think a modernized re-write would be great.
  5. I wonder if @tourist is willing to post the paint brush tutorial. I'd like to see that one.
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