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  1. Just for the sake of the argument, leaving the virus issue aside, it may seem appealing to get all the plug-ins in one go. And for experienced and ambitious users it might be, always if it weren’t for the virus. But the ordinary user relies much on Paint.NET’s simplicity and friendly, uncluttered interface. Suddenly facing all that lot of puzzling effects and having to navigate thru them would be daunting, off-putting and confusing. Gone is the appeal of this simple yet powerful tool, the purpose has been defeated. In my opinion, it would be more productive to start with the basic set of p
  2. Err…wouldn’t using my clarification be endorsing…nit-picking? It may be added that in some cases you can plan so as to avoid the creation of layers, in which case you may be able to save in the desired format without flattening. That’s just what I did in generating the frames of my signature gif, thus avoiding 4 operations for each of the 36 frames, a total of 144 operations avoided, not counting the associated swearing spared.
  3. In the interests of accuracy this is not quite so, sir. Although you probably meant the same thing, you didn’t say it in so many words. As a result it did not clarify the matter for me, hence my (unnecessary) suggestion and subsequent experiment to clarify the situation. In fact, someone else even commented that what I was asking was probably not possible, which means he didn’t understand either. Ego Eram Reputo, on 30 Dec 2014 - 6:57 PM, said: “PDN is the default format used when saving a multilayered image. Paint.net uses this format to save the layer structure. If you flatten the layer
  4. IMPORTANT Here I am again, but with good news this time that may also interest other members facing my problem as repeated below: Reminder: Paint.NET’s default format is PDN, which preserves the layers when saving. However, some users who no longer need the layers, prefer to save in PNG or GIF or JPG, which are directly usable e.g. for posting in forums, and also have considerably smaller file size. These users want to avoid the extra operations for changing the format each time before saving. Acting on Ego Eram Reputo’s idea of flattening the layers before saving, and after doing a n
  5. While I appreciate the effort (and patience) put in the replies, and realize the advantages of preserving the layers, I keep coming back, with due apologies, because I feel my main point has not yet been understood. The alternative defaults I'm talking about would only come into effect after you intentionally flatten the layers yourself. Consequently you know, accept and want the loss of the layers. If you want to preserve them, you'll just save without flattening.
  6. Thanks again. It seems the program is already doing part of what I'm suggesting above and it should thus be possible, if not actually easy, to extend this behavior to ideally apply to all formats. That is, when flattening before saving, it should reuse the original (filename and) format.in all cases, as it does for png & jpg, and irrespective of the number of layers added. After all, if a user wants it otherwise, he can always change the format. But I feel that as a rule, the user will want it this way.
  7. Thanks Pixey and Ego Eram Reputo for the useful replies, even if what I ask does not seem quite possible. But knowing that if I flatten the layers prior to saving, the format will default to PNG is already something useful. It would make more sense and be of more usefulness, if flattening the layers prior to saving would default to whatever format one was working on, or the layers (or top layer) consisted of. Thus, if one was working in GIF or JPG, after flattening the layers, saving should default to GIF or JPG respectively, and similarly for other formats. In fact this is a sugge
  8. When trying to save an image after some non-trivial work on it, Paint.NET reverts to its own PDN format. While this is understandable and probably liked by most users, my problem is that I prefer to work with GIF (usually) or PNG (when I need partial transparency), which also have a smaller file size. So I have to keep changing the default every time I try to save. My question: Is there a way to set the default image saving format to something else, e.g. GIF? I'm using version 3.5.11 on Windows XP.
  9. OK, as you're one of the most respected - and useful - people around here, I've followed your advice and edited out the illegitimate link. Glad to have made your acquaintance by the way. As a matter of coincidence, only today I was using your bezncurve plugin to do the work of the missing polygon selection tool. It worked fine, compliments.
  10. OK, thanks Red ochre, now I know and avoid it. But unfortunately, I fear that as it appears in Google search and its url looks genuine, many users will fall for it, as I nearly did myself. If you want, I'll edit the link out of my post, or leave it to warn others, or wait for a mod to take appropriate action. It may also be an idea if this forum had a sticky warning about it.
  11. Thanks for the tip, I got the pdf version and it is indeed more informative and more up to date too. Now, while googling for plugins before finding this thread, I came across the following page, which seems well organized as regards presentation. Is it official or related to this forum? EDIT: Link removed as per following posts.
  12. I wasn't referring to "my copy of the Plugin Index" (I don't have a personal one) but to that in the sticky on the first page which still reads:. I thought that was clear and was surprised by the question. But I note that you've now made the correction that will appear next month, so the matter should be considered solved. However, it would have been better if the broken effect was replaced with a working one. Or at least be a separate plugin one could remove, because it causes instability if accidentally clicked.
  13. Good research, compliments, updates seem to be in good hands. At the same time, I clarify that the dates (and versions) I quoted in my above post were of the plugins themselves, not of the posts, the zip files etc in which they appear. Now, while we’re on the subject, you may want to also want to update the info on the Cutout Effect, which doesn’t work with the latest version of Paint.NET v.3.5.11. The info now says: “Cutout Effect - Illnab1024. Broken. Use the newer version in Illnab1024's Plugins.” In fact, the newer version is also broken, as per last two posts here: http://f
  14. So my opinion is that of the freeware image editing tools Paint.NET is the overall best, all things considered including ease of use, burden on resources , functionality, plugin availability and forum. It was at risk of losing the top position due to the long lack of updates, but now they've restarted.
  15. Not only the Cutout Effect won't work, but it also causes instability and asks for Paint.NET to be restarted. This is annoying. Can this effect be removed without affecting the rest?
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