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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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@ Ash

:shock: Utterly amazing! Even for you! :shock: :D

Which one?



Or Red?:


Post 500! w00t!!

Depend on what you wear with it he he ,,,he ,,,hehe cough. Anywho I discovered a galaxy in pdn today whe I strained my eyes and blew a blood vessel. It was messy.


retired from PDN forums. Later dewds

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While not 100% pdn, I did edit it in pdn. And remember, I'm still new, and trying to learn the ropes.

Here it is:


I like it! One thing you may want to improve on are the edges of the overlay.

Here's a quick example:


I copied the overlay (flag) onto a new layer, added a blurred black ellipse under the overlay, applied a radial transparent gradient to the overlay, switched the overlay to "difference", and duplicated it.


- DO NOT contact me asking for the .pdn of my avatar or the PDN logo. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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Doesn't look quite like galaxy. But cool looking. :)

yeah it does, just squint till yer eyes bleed. :shock: Forming galaxies really dont look much better till the dust clears.

I assume you've seen my galaxy, right?

Yeah its ok. Looks like a longshot from the spitzer. The circling stars kinda lose it for me on that one its really fuzzy. Its cool but I am shooting for crab nebula and such things.

retired from PDN forums. Later dewds

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