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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Unforgiven, that's a really nice work of art! Maybe you can give it a water effect instead of just a reflection?

That is a water effect, very slight. When I use reflection in anything that has sides that slope in, I get reflection pixels floating in the air, I may be missing something.

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We need a bit more of hand-drawn PDN art here. :D


-Background from Morguefile (blurred for effect)

-Subject is a fan character of mine from Thief, a horselike wood sprite (aka a "horsenymph") named Thorn

-Thief trilogy © Eidos, Looking Glass & Ion Storm

-DO NOT USE character OR art without my permission


That graphic designer wannabe XD.

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guess I missed the excitement yesterday. bet you all thought I'd never find my way to the new board. (just shows my internet navigation skills are improving daily.)

I'm furiously working away on some new pics and will be uploading them as soon as I finish.

chow OMA

I was wondering where you were. I knew you were back from vaction but had only seen you breifly around the forums.

I was thinking of starting a "Where's Oma?" thread. :lol:


My deviantART gallery

Paint.Net Gallery

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This has definetly not been my most productive week with paint net. its really taking me a while to get back in the swing of things since holidays.

but tonight I used the bevel plug in and just did some random experimenting. like how this one turned out colors remind me of melted carmel.


I was thinking polar inversion, seamless texture maker, and bulge? Can you tell me about the bevel plugin, I'm not acquainted with that one?

Chocolate and caramel, yummy!


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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@ janettsue

i dont think oma used bulge. i think she used lens. Bevel helps you make the frames that were in oma's picture (look on the very left and youll see a brown line


looks good

also looks like some sort of candy

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It's cool, but can I say feather?

We had this very bright rainbow in Finland today. I took some photos and stitched them together.. not with paint.net. WELL why do I post it here then? Because the panorama wasn't perfect, few parts were missing and the colours weren't very good.



Click to get larger.

The first one is the original file made by autostitch and the second one is edited with pdn.

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My new own desktop. Don't really care what's on it, but rather the wallpaper i made :D However, I can't really post the Wallpaper ços i forgot where i found the source image :|


EDIT: Hey, it forms to the page :P Right click -> view image.

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