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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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[quote="Crazy Man Dan"]@BuzzKill

Speaking of virtual reality, I wonder why VR isn't more mainstream than it is.

Nintendo Virtual Boy forever! That thing really was wierd...

But anyway, I agree. A VR FPS would give new meaning to the term First-Person Shooter.


That looks good! What font is that in the corner there? (I love fonts... What? I don't have a problem! <_<)


Darn that looks good. Gaussian blur overlay for the glow?

Thanks! Yeah, that's a Gaussian blur overlay (well, I guess "underlay," technically...). I had to duplicate the blurred layer to get it to show up well. A 2px line with a 5px radius Gaussian blur doesn't show up too well. Whodathunk? :wink:

Oh, and:

Cursed non-regenerating wallet...



Nah I don't have time really, and I am rubbish at thinking of plots and stuff.

Alrighty. I just thought I'd ask. You're a great artist, though. :)


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Sorry haven't posted much .. I've been busy with a commissioned genealogical research project and its been taking up almost all my computer time.

but wanted to ask verndewd how he was making that background in cube png. and also how he was making what looked like grills? (ie: gotrosesigb) in some of his work.

really love that style.


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Photofreak = Veromy who was banned about a month ago. Either for this same behavior or for photo content (I don't remember).

If you look through his album there are pictures in there that are obviously edited but he never links us to them. :roll:


My deviantART gallery

Paint.Net Gallery

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I threw in the pyramids quickly so they are a little low quality...


Perhaps you could 'grunge'-up your pyramids a bit (they are ancient, after all) :lol:

Thats the just built look :P The clouds are excellent.

retired from PDN forums. Later dewds

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