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  1. Edit by Rick: I edited the subject to reflect the OpenMP nature of this problem. During the download i encountered a fatal error. edit:
  2. ... zz6as5.gif Was wondering if someone could supply a tutorial on how to make line like the inside of the cirlce? Thanks.
  3. idk its the same as regular glow but if you used it on text the glow would be on the inside of the text.
  4. Goo to my computer > Local Disk C > Program Files > Look for > and put the .dll file in effects..
  5. I looked in the Plugin forum but didn't find anything on it.
  6. lmao do you think im trying to solicit? Im just asking if someone will make me a banner, and i know its not an animation program. You dont have to be an ignorant. edit: your from new york thats why..
  7. I was wondering if someone would make me a professional looking gears of war banner like 500x500 with animation with a nice looking text that comes up Assassins.... for...... God. I would make it myself but i am new to I used to make them on photoshop.
  8. mine makes a whole bunch of boxes when i use the wand step with ctrl + shift.. i finished the tut and the boxes stayed..