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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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@UnForgiven --> That is really neat. I like it a lot.

@Hellfire010--> I really like those a lot. They are really cool, but I have to say I like the one that spins to the left better. It is just easier to read your name on it. It is a good thing that UnForgiven inspired you in such a good way! :)


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Unforgiven, that's a really nice work of art! Maybe you can give it a water effect instead of just a reflection?

That is a water effect, very slight. When I use reflection in anything that has sides that slope in, I get reflection pixels floating in the air, I may be missing something.

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We need a bit more of hand-drawn PDN art here. :D


-Background from Morguefile (blurred for effect)

-Subject is a fan character of mine from Thief, a horselike wood sprite (aka a "horsenymph") named Thorn

-Thief trilogy © Eidos, Looking Glass & Ion Storm

-DO NOT USE character OR art without my permission


That graphic designer wannabe XD.

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