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Monthly Skinning Competition Discussion -- #4 ended

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Yeah, it's a little large...

That was just a concept I was messing with using the tube oblique plugin. I ended up spending a few extra minutes and making a layout out of it...:D

Besides, we still have over 10 days to finish, so what ever I actually enter(if anything) will be nice and polished.

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Guess what!? I'm actually doing one this time!

Here's a quick preview of what I'm working on, just so I don't feel left out. The image is cropped because right now I don't have anything more done, but I don't want anyone to know...


Honestly, uH, I made the link bar blue before I ever saw yours. My original plan for the background was to be a greenish pattern, but it looked funny with the blue link bar. I tried making the link bar a greenish color (a little dA-esque), but it just wasn't working.

I'll putz around with it some more, just to try to make it look less like I stole your idea. As for your link bar, the original blue fits perfectly. The med-bright saturated look contrasts nicely against the dark skin.

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BB00: Looks cool, but i find the header a tiny bit too... Busy.

CMD: Looks great! I don't see a lot... But it looks cool anyway!

uH: Your menu looks exactly like one of my flash pages' menu :D


Yes, i made that WAY before you ;)

EDIT: Okay... it doesn't look the same... But it has some similaritis though ;)

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Stylus BT, although the letter 'i' has no tittle so I looks a bit dodgy sometimes.

I have many other favourite fonts among which some I don't know why I have them. I don't remember downloading them and there's nothing that special about them for me to have downloaded them in the first place. We should have a 'Show Your Font' thread in the overflow to match 'Show Yourself' and 'Show Your Pets' threads, anyone up for it...?

To justify this little outburst of anecdotes here's a preview of my logo:


It would cooler if it weren't for the white background, don't ask why I kept it there though :?.

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