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Text+ (update 2014/04/27)


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Text+ has been redesigned.
Save/Open:you can save and read All Data of "Text+"
the extension of the file is "dtp"
Align Style:Left,Center,Right,Justify,Vertical for English,Vertical for Japanese
TextBox:max 4096
Font Style:only "regular"
Font Size:6-9999(the increment 0.1)
Aspect ratio:0.1-10(the increment 0.01)
Line Space:0-9999
Line Head:(-9999)-(+9999)
Position X:(-9999)-(+9999)
Position Y:(-9999)-(+9999)
Width of Justify:0-9999


Hello, everyone,

"Text+" is a new fellow of "Text Formations".
Using "Text+", you can specify the line spacing and drawing position.
And, you can change Pitch of Font .

When you need precise placement of text, and I think a little useful. ;)

The need to explain how to use will not.
I describes only precautions.


This plugin can not use font except "Font Style Regular" .
When you select the other font , you will get a warning window.
Change the font, and please close the warning window.

"Left" "Center" "Right" of style, when you do not specify the coordinates
Will be fixed in the "upper left" "top center" "upper right" of the canvas.

For vertical writing, please imagine the "Matrix" movie.

"Clear canvas" is valid when using the text-only layer.
You can use it as like "editable text( by Simon Brown)".
However, multiple layers is not supported.


A lot of people you know, I do not understand English well.
If my using English in the UI is the wrong , please tell me correct word.

Update (2012/08/23)

1.Rename to "manual pitch" from "Fixed Pitch Font"
2.Fixed it may not work in xp

Edited by toe_head2001
Fixed broken link and broken image
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To everybody

Thank you for your comment! :D

In the UI, I would change only (Change to Fixed Pitch Font) ,

Please, don't ask to what, my English is worst. :D

To decide to "fixed pitch font" the name of this option, I took two days.

But I do not know this is a english common name.

What is common name.?

monospace font ? typewriter font?fixed-width font? non-proportional font?

OR ASC ART.............

AA Font??? 

No way........ ;)

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@ dpy, what exactly that option does?

I feel it is functioning oppositelly, when you are checking the box it is changing to un-fixed

By the way, as I tried it on many different fonts, it is actually changing only the space between individual letters (fonts), not the body (shape) of the letters themselves, so based on this the functionality of this option is to change the "letter-spacing" or "letter-tracking" if I am not mistakien.

Somebody has any idea ....?

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I think pitch is the right word because in this case pitch is a measured space.Yellowman has it right in saying letter spacing and also right on it being opposite.When you check the box you are setting to manual pitch(spacing).I hope this helps.BTW.great plug-in especially the manual spacing and the vertical text is really useful.Thank you dpy for sharing

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To yellowman and dug

Thank you.

I was so helpful.

Certainly, this option is able to change the pitch, it is not to fix the pitch. :lol:

English is dificult for me. :red:

This option is very similar to the tracking, but fundamentally different .

Sure, I was going to mimic the tracking of photoshop.

But I can't. :mrred:

Process of this option

Decomposed to a character from text

get center of character width

replace to distance of specified pitch

Its all

"Manual pitch" I liked. :D

I would like to rewrite to"Manual Pitch" from "Change to Fixed Pitch Font" .

What do you think?

To Red ochre

I'm glad you praise :D

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Thank you  xod


A very useful plugin. Thanks dpy.
I know nothing about Japanese characters, but in the case of Latin seems that there are some problems related to the distance between them.


Yes, I know. :)
In Japanese, there are no problem. In the case of Latin ,there are some problems.
Justify or change of pitch ignores the letter spacing of each font. 
It is only to equalize.
As far as I know, C # does not have a command of kerning or letter spacing. 
Therefore, this can not be arranged like the MS-WORD.
Thank you DrewDale , Lloyd  :)
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