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  1. Sorry about the lack of posts. Here's a timeline cover I created for a Facebook page. It's not a great timeline cover, but it looks alright.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Helen They think it was a HDD fault. Still covered by the warranty. Should get it back by the weekend.
  3. Thanks and me neither. I am a teen myself, and I used to smoke. I quit because I knew how much damage it was doing to me! NOTE: There may be a lack of images during the next two weeks. My laptop has crashed and I am having to use a spare. I will try to keep posted, but there will definitely be a lack of posts next week (Week commencing 29 October) due to me being on holiday until Nov 4.
  4. Sorry about the lack of posts recently - had some IRL issues. Anyways, here's a graphic I made because I got bored. PSD
  5. UPDATE: Here's something a little different. I got tired of doing the same old, same old, so I created a Black Veil Brides Facebook timeline cover: NOTE: From now on, I will be providing the link to the .PSD of my files. PSD of Black Veil Brides timeline cover
  6. I respect Tesla. He deserves more recognition than he actually gets. Thanks for your feedback, but maybe we should go back on topic?
  7. Thanks and thanks I made the latest one because I miss my gf over the weekends. So I thought, hey. Why not?
  8. Thank you all for the feedback. @cristineparks82: Please read the title of this forum and all FAQs before asking silly questions. OK, I will bear that in mind for the future. UPDATE: Nikola Tesla signature (450x150px)
  9. Thanks for your opinion. You're right, the Crysis guy is too much.
  10. Thanks. UPDATE: New Facebook timeline cover and Big Bang Theory signature: Stumped for ideas now. Will post more when I can think of more.
  11. First desktop background attempt: Without the text:
  12. UPDATE: New signature made for myself on a promotion forum.
  13. I didn't think there were any, but going back to look at it, I can see some. I think I have fixed it. The new image is here: Thank you for the positive response. You know, these graphics are a lot harder than they may look. A lot of people think they were easy. God no. It takes time. Fortunately, I can make minor tweaks to most of my graphics because I save PSDs for pretty much every one.
  14. UPDATE: This is a Facebook timeline cover I made for myself, just because it's true. It's simple, but I love it Please give me your feedback
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