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Paint.NET is getting noticed!

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isnt that against the cc laws or something?
For Paint.NET itself, no.

For the plugins, yes, unless they have received permission from the respective authors. Which I'm willing to bet ten British pence is not the case for the majority.

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Found a good one! Ultimate List of Free Software from Microsoft I know it is only from a blog, but Lifehacker linked to it!

That is a good list of software on there and I think most of them are great, I know some of them are good for software developers. I also found an image resizer there that can be very useful :D

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Dang. Netflix already dropped off the Blu-ray.

Well, hopefully the movie doesn't suck.

It isn't that bad, although not the greatest movie I have seen. If you compare this movie to Cloverfield though, then it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! :D

deviantART | Paint.NET Gallery | bennettfrazier.com <-- (My new Website!)


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Brazilian magazine INFO EXAME (biggest technology magazine in Brazil), released today a nice Paint.NET review.


It is in Portuguese, so I tried to translated it to English. I hope there's no big grammar mistakes :oops: , but if someone finds some errors in the text below, please drop me a line. Here is the full article:

Paint.NET gives Microsoft Paint an upgrade

This program started as a students project at Washington State University using Microsoft's .NET Framework and its graphic libraries. The idea was to create an alternative to MS Paint, which is bundled with Windows. After the project's conclusion, developers -- then already graduated -- continued releasing new versions of Paint.NET.

As an image editor, it won't replace Photoshop, of course. But it allows some advanced image editing at no cost. Paint.NET has support for layers, for example, a feature that makes the difference between a true image editor and a simple application for dummies. It also includes infinite undo/redo levels, filters, painting tools and artistic affects.

Paint.NET's best characteristic is its interface. Since the first version its visual has been modified, merging the ease of use of simple editors, like MS Paint, with powerful editing tools found in programs like Corel Photo Paint.

Paint.NET can replace MS Paint as the software used when we choose Edit option, after right-clicking an image. It is a lossless change, because Paint.NET is almost lightweight as its Windows counterpart, but includes much more features.

One of the deficiencies of the program is that it can't natively open files in formats like Photoshop's PSD or Corel Photo Paint's CPT. To continue editing a layered file started in one of these programs, user must save each layer separately or else use a third party plug-in, which converts PSD files, with some limitations.

Layer editing is a bit primitive. It isn't possible to create Adjust Layers, for example. Also, there's no way to view two or more images at the same time in the application window. For those who want more features, the program supports plug-ins, with about 140 of them available in the website. Paint.NET is completely free (gratis) e open source, although it uses MIT License, instead of GPL.


Paint.Net 3.36


- Pros: Includes layer support, an uncommon feature in free image editors

- Cons: Doesn't allow viewing more than one image at the same time in the screen

- Conclusion: An image editor, that helps the user doing the basics when messing with photos

- Technical evaluation: 7.6 *

- Price: Free

* FYI, Photoshop CS4 received 9.0 from the same magazine.

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Wow, PDN is becoming so popular that it is being mentioned on random websites that don't have a thing to do with image editing! I was bored, and was Googling random phrases when I landed up on a fan-blog for some smartphone. I was about to hit the back button when I noticed the word "Paint.NET" in the entry. Pretty cool.




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I been running FF for my browser now for close to 8 years



Actually, it has been a little over 7 years now, just about 8 years. Firefox started out as Pheonix, then Firebird, then Firefox. I believe it was around Pheonix 0.2 when I personally started using it for online banking and such.

http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/ ... eases/0.1/



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