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  1. Sweet in more then 1 way
  2. Okay so here is some of my latest work. I just enjoy doing colors and over layers and I have a very imaginative mind. So though it's not elaborate, I find it fun and that's a "Good Thing"! ChoP 8) Hidden Content:
  3. Helen, I do very much like the Molecules (right up my alley). 1st thing I thought of was, She found the missing link Chopperoad 8)
  4. Not that this may help, but anything I D/L comes from http://www.cnet.com/ Been using them for years with NP's :wink:
  5. "The Murphy's" Cute Helen nice job as always :wink: Hope yer feeling better! ChoP 8)
  6. Here's something simple I came up with from Neil Youngs "Hey, Hey, My, My" Tune. Taken from the 2nd verse "Out of the blue and into the black" I do like how it turned out and would make good for future projects. ChoP 8) 1 Layer Mutli Color Gradient (Shades Black & Blue) and I believe Frosted Glass effect (Smoothness #8)
  7. Always check your "HELP" topic (under Help top of page). It will explain each tool. here's the link to Clone Stamp: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/CloneStamp.html ChoP 8)
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