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  1. My band's new song, called "To Kneel". Checkiiit: http://www.myspace.com/weareageofelement
  2. Hah, facial hair growth isn't fast enough for me, I wanna beard!! XD
  3. Getting Where Water Cannot by Oceansize Cannot wait to see them next month!!!!!
  4. A cameras a really good thing to have, you can take your own stock photos with it too, and integrate that with your work, which is always good.
  5. Lethal Enforces (Acoustic) by We Are Scientists Previously is was The Times They Are a'Changin' by Bob Dylan, I'm in an acoustic mood right now.
  6. I've only been climbing once... was okay I suppose, though depeneds what kind of climbing we're talking about, on a climbing wall or actual rockface, haha.
  7. ^ Haha, there's always gonna be controversy about something that apparantly conflicts so much with religion...
  8. 3 of my 360 controllers have broken it seems, how bad is that? :\
  9. WIsh I had the money and time for games... but right now I'm trying to get a job so I can get a flat with my friends next year, would be awesome.
  10. Main thing with tuts it's how much time is spent on them, as long as its easy to follow... well, I just think that's more than half the battle right there.
  11. Disconnected by Celebrity. Youtube it. It's a fantastic song.
  12. Happiness: Oceansize are playing in my city in November, YEEEEES!
  13. Stars by Hum, again, haha. Oh, and now it's Skeleton Boy by Friendly Fires.
  14. I brought out my old SNES the other day- honestly, if any of you get the chance to play a game called Unirally do! Here's the concept: You're a riderless unicycle on a 2D track, who has to race another riderless unicycle and you both do stupidly over the top ticks to get faster and avoid obstacles liek sticky goo. Yeh. The concept is that good.
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