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  1. Wow I really like your stuff. i lol'd on the pirate 1. xD
  2. not bad atleast you got the color modes down I didnt notice those till a few weeks after I started xD maybe a different color scheme with sonic tho remember hes blue and the dull pink and yellow doesnt really blend but great job for your first
  3. Necessary Plugins for this tutorial: Dents Drop Ripple Align Object (optional but recommended) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Finished! -- This tutorial will also be on my new Graphic Design forum hope you check it out xD
  4. ^_^ osalt is the site that I found paint.net on xD funny how old this is some1 said that CS3 was in beta xD
  5. Yes that type of image is called a render but it's an image not a render effect when your in Pdn go File>Open or Ctrl+O and find where you save those images and double click on the 1 you want to edit or w/e u want to do
  6. Im kinda confused on what im using xD I just got my Alienware laptop and when i was customizing it I chose vista service pack somethine something x64 or 64 something but when I go to Local Disk C I have Program Files and Program Files x86 and when I install things it always goes to x86??
  7. Wow I really like your second image its simple but looks pretty professional ^_^ btw you shouldnt double post people will flame
  8. I guess I could ask and thanx for the compliment. I dont really like some of my old stuff even though every1 else did xD
  9. Thanks man I hope you like the rest of my work too once I get around to putting it up xD
  10. Hey you can also check out my pictorium of my other account unfortunately i lost the password xD but you can still look at some of my old stuff viewtopic.php?f=26&t=25523 Description -- This is my attempt at something like Jake2k's awesome tech sigs that every1 wants to learn how to make mine isnt very good but wat the hec -- btw avivt7 is my usual name and my email and stuff Description -- This is a graphic I put together of Ikki from the manga/anime AirGear I dont really like how it came out but I like to finish my projects Description -- This is a piece I had a lot of fun with xD I call it ChopStck'd it's an image of a rice bowl with chopsticks in it but the rice is really a face Description -- This is an uber cool shiny glossy button the C.D. stands for Creative Designs I was starting a site but never took off xD Description -- This is also another graphic for Creative Designs was the logo for the forum Description -- This is a Shiny Orb with my First name Initial in it xD I know my username is Davidlee I just made that up since my other account Jeremy Tan's password was lost Description -- This is some cool text - PAINT.NET FTW =] - to make the bloody looking thing in the middle of text I used drop ripple and dents its very easy to do Description -- This piece is probably the most fun I have had working on an image this little guy is called Neeto if you click on link to see my old Pictorium you can see all his moods, colors, and funny clothes - This image is 1 of the images I work off of to create the finish piece Description -- Superhero logo looking thing with my initials this is an old piece which is in my other pictorium Description -- This is 1 of the first graphics I did it's like 2 years old xD but I had to put it here I luv the text effect lol unfortunately I had no idea what I was doing at the time xD Description -- I recently turned 12 and I made this hope you like -- I'd like to meet more young graphic designers I haven't found anyone my age with the same interest Description -- September 3rd '08 the day before my 12th birthday I was diagnosed with Leukemia -- This image pretty much explains how I feel about it. v2
  11. wow you got some cool stuff here my favorite is your current sig and avatar very creative ^_^
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