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  1. Wow I really like your stuff. i lol'd on the pirate 1. xD
  2. not bad atleast you got the color modes down I didnt notice those till a few weeks after I started xD maybe a different color scheme with sonic tho remember hes blue and the dull pink and yellow doesnt really blend but great job for your first
  3. Necessary Plugins for this tutorial: Dents Drop Ripple Align Object (optional but recommended) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Finished! -- This tutorial will also be on my new Graphic Design forum hope you check it out xD
  4. ^_^ osalt is the site that I found paint.net on xD funny how old this is some1 said that CS3 was in beta xD
  5. Yes that type of image is called a render but it's an image not a render effect when your in Pdn go File>Open or Ctrl+O and find where you save those images and double click on the 1 you want to edit or w/e u want to do
  6. Im kinda confused on what im using xD I just got my Alienware laptop and when i was customizing it I chose vista service pack somethine something x64 or 64 something but when I go to Local Disk C I have Program Files and Program Files x86 and when I install things it always goes to x86??
  7. Wow I really like your second image its simple but looks pretty professional ^_^ btw you shouldnt double post people will flame
  8. I guess I could ask and thanx for the compliment. I dont really like some of my old stuff even though every1 else did xD
  9. Thanks man I hope you like the rest of my work too once I get around to putting it up xD
  10. Hey you can also check out my pictorium of my other account unfortunately i lost the password xD but you can still look at some of my old stuff viewtopic.php?f=26&t=25523 Description -- This is my attempt at something like Jake2k's awesome tech sigs that every1 wants to learn how to make mine isnt very good but wat the hec -- btw avivt7 is my usual name and my email and stuff Description -- This is a graphic I put together of Ikki from the manga/anime AirGear I dont really like how it came out but I like to finish my projects Description -- This is a piece I had a lot of fun wi
  11. wow you got some cool stuff here my favorite is your current sig and avatar very creative ^_^
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